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The name @pete is now a brand so longs as the scorum platform is concern. Not only has he received an ambassadorial gift from the team due to his works here, pete remains one user that have kept so many of us waxing strong with his level of optimism. Most tomes l have sincerely question his 100% believe in the project even when some statistics are pointing down hills, he kept point at the silver lining in the dark cloud. Not many are patient enough to eat the fattest bone you know especially when they are some smaller bones to pick up here or there. Being retired operational and maintenance worker in a Nuclear Power field, a big fan of NCAAFB, America citizen married to @babnamama which is not a news to us and a devoted Christians, @Pete has assisted many users on this platform grow like myself with his contest like Happy moanday

This week we are not moaning how Anthony Joshua with six packs was knocked by another without six pack or a manager, his team or players lossing a match but rather this week's happy moaday post is dedicated to the man behind the initiative. Interested bloggers can enter the contest via the link

In the last few weeks Pete has unequivocally taken the job of scorum spoke person on the platform to calm the nerves of members and investors alike about the direction of the project as they were insinuated in some quarters about the project being abandoned. He has at different times made a post like “A Talk With Vlad About The Future, More Reason for Optimism, Scorum Was Made For You, Someone Is Reading Scorum Blogs etc. These were all aimed at keeping our enthusiasm about the project intact amidst the bull run that hit the crypto industry.

In one of his post @pete promised us that the team will be updating us about their activities in recent times after months of uncommmunication as promised with their quarterly update about the project. Tension built up, questions were asked, queries were made, ultimatum were given for the team to tell us where we stood and the position of SCR as the bull run ended with SCR still nose diving.

Vlad finally in his scorum development update about 9 days ago left some disappointed and some impressed with what the team have been doing behind the scene. The update in the first instance did not only concealed out that feelings of abandonment but lightened up the platform as many users came to read from the houses mouth. From Williams being the highest SCR holder l know of to those who left long time and the new users. The post was a wake up call as well dowsed the saturated atmosphere of discouragement. I can tell of my discord friends who chat me up once in while to ask how far the scorum project being going.

In a group chat l had asked what if the team failed to give us update as promised by Pete, how 35they react to it. The answers were mainly “it will be the undoing of the teams as many users would stay off “ However, the Vlad post was a vindication of Pete promise over the efforts of the team after months of keeping mute and they didn’t really disappoint even though some of the work done was objected from relatively different perspective. The sportsbook being the major evidence of effort of the team to attract users to the platform but to serve as a second stream of income as they work toward the mass adoption of the world’s first complete Sports Media Center built on blockchain technology, Another point was the building of the mobile version of the platform to make it more user friendly and ease of navigation. Vlad did admit that mistakes were made and those mistakes are serving as a lesson toward making the project great.

All thanks goes to @pete in particular and scorum users who played a part in waking the team up or pushing them a bit to know that they can’t do without us and us without them. Haven heard from the team now, all hands must be on deck to ensure that we contribute our little best in promoting the platform in every given opportunity. Like Vlad said, we should cease every chance to post scorum link to as many social media platform as possible to increase the SEO score as well continue to keep the platform active with our sport contents.


What’s more accolade can l give a personality of your status @pete on this platform and thus far you have kept our hope high about the project. As earlier said, please continue to utilize your contact with Vlad not only encourage him and the team bur also pass members grievances to him. May the good God continue to shower you with good health and hopefully we all we live to testify of scorum in the nearest future.

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” Calvin Coolidge

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