The promising platform

Scorum platform came off as a platform to correct some ill that we saw with steemit over a year ago with sport its brand of contents with the intention to make the platform the first sporting blockchain platform for sports and sport related activities. The team really did a wonderful job from the magnificent design of the site and you can attests that among the entire emerging sport platforms at the moment, scorum looks very marketable in terms of advert placement and ease of navigation looking at the interface.

Mistakes were made

There is no gain saying that there have been some mistakes made in the course of positioning this platform for it maximum potentials ranging from listing, marketing, collaboration, incentives and what have you. While some of us took time to air our view on what and what should be done, some encouraged us to allow the team navigate the ship with the road map. Just like in a board meeting of big companies, those who agree and those who disagree all have the interest of the company at heart just that they are all viewing different events from different angles depending on experience, optimism and fears.

They are few platforms out there where most of us here are trying to find our feet. Some whales or rather big guys as i prefer calling it still continued their legacies in these platforms who I wouldn’t want to mention without their consents. I have come to understand are wide ranged sports bloggers that have covered a lot of territories in blockchain sports blogging and their advice shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Deep down in our hearts we know that scorum has a promising future as a platform as well as for us individually be it as investors, bloggers and bettors if things are put in the right perspective. If not, ‘’why are you still in scorum’’ a blog post that indicated that we still have part of our heart in this project believing that things gets better.

My One Cent advice

While we venture into platforms that looks promising with a lot of future potentials, we must not forget that every platform ‘’must’’ face a challenge in short tern or long term the storm in the sea is for all the ships but its a matter of has the storm tested the ship, how and at what point. However, navigating this challenge requires group efforts and sacrifices in for of time, patience, advice and perseverance. Another thing worth nothing is that one cannot tell which platform will moon first or most with certainty. As the saying goes ''Cryptocurrency is volatile'', we may wake up one morning to see a coin fallen deep or moon to highest heavens. On that last sentence a will advise us not to test the river with two legs or rather put it lets ''jump the boats but don’t jump out''. As we make waves in other platforms, let us remember to at least keep scorum floating with our sports articles while the team navigate through these hard times. Without our collective blogging efforts here and as well trying to promote our blogs on our social media handles for those who see reasons with that, we buy the team time to fix things.

Thanks for reading