I decided to put up this post on scorum even though some may not buy the idea that it sports related but it very important to our over all health. I'm a heath worker and most time have found myself sleeping on duty or feeling fatigue at work due to that fact that some times I spent my night sleep to write articles for clients or to post on this forum and I believe every active member here will bear witness to this especially those who combine blogging with full time job. While some of us may not finding easy going to health blogs to read this, I'm bringing it to your door step.

The brain remain the most vital part of human and its complete shut down like we do with our system means paying a visit to the ancestor as some folks call it here. Brain is a complex organ on electric circuit ''neurotransmitters'' of the body system that control every of our voluntary actions. In fact, you are your brain.

Studies have shown that smartphone related activities is gradually occupy most of out thought as the day goes by.

The smartphones, being somehow new invention of humanity has become an inherent part of human’s life. The smartphone combines different sophisticated features. It allows users to keep pictures, memories, personal info, correspondence, health and financial data in one place. Smartphones also became an integral part of modern telecommunications facilities. The phones allow people to maintain continuous communication without interruption of their movements and distances. A smartphone or handheld device (HHD) combines advanced computing capability, such as internet communication, information retrieval, video, e-commerce and other features, that make device highly popular among people.

smartphone has become part of our everyday life and people are now meant to believe that they cannot spend some hours of their life without getting in contact with smartphone. We tend to go about with Smartphone in our bags, pocket, and cars as part of our second life. As the world population continue to increase so the need for connectivity across the globe. An increasing number of people are spending most of the time using their smartphone more than never before and no effort are being made toward curbing the advance effect on users. Smartphone are now the leading digital platform with over 60% of users digital time being spent on mobiles of which 52% is spent of mobile app(there are over 1.5million Android app in the market and 1.3 million in the App store) usage. Majority of the population can now carry out anything on mobile devices. Our body has brain is programmed in a way that it allows us stay awake at certain hours in day time and rest at night but continues use of the device at night confuses the brain (melatonin; hormone that signals the brain to shut down) due to the light from our device and it cause serious health issues.

This causes serious headache, memory lose, fatigue, confusion as well as increase in breast cancer in women. if this habit continue for a while, our brain starts adjusting to it leading to lose of sleep ''Insomnia'' as well as obesity. However, research are still on going if this can cause brain cancer.

Aside these, not having enough sleep makes our body vulnerable to illness because sleeplessness prevents the immune system to build up forces as well as drain your mental abilities. just like we need oxygen for life so our body needs sleep to heal itself and restore the chemical balance.

There are situation we experience tenderness and pain pain at the base of our thumb as well as pains in the wrist due to spending hours typing on the net.

Our relationship with smartphone devices

Smartphones have become so important in daily life that some starts to consider it as vital. The modern citizen might have become dependent on smartphones, and sometimes his passion for smartphone applications leads to addiction. A recent study in UK showed that 77% of the 18- to 24-year-olds are “feeling uncomfortable after being separated from their phones for just minutes”. The modern addiction phenomena of smartphones is real, and its symptoms are diverse: you feel stressed out, cut off or incomplete without your mobile; you compulsively check for updates, messages and battery life; you use your phone in inappropriate places; and even sleep with your smartphone. In this perspective, it seems that nowadays we cannot live without smartphones. And the getting-more-and-more-addicted-trend should not stop here.

Snubbing is the practice of snubbing others in favor of our mobile phones. We’ve all been there as either victim or perpetrator. We may no longer even notice when we’ve been snubbed, it has become such a normal part of life.

Technology is vast changing our way of life, work, but one thing that will remain is, who we are as people, what we stand for human interaction. Our world is evolving where people are interacting less and less physically. The LinkedIn invitations and encouragement notifications to like and follow people on other platforms presents us with a world where we are continually collecting numbers, for the sake of collecting numbers

Feeling lonely is normal; for some, it can be very discouraging and destructive to others. At minimum, it’s a problem. Loneliness is a serious a pervasive and chronic condition with associated serious mental and physical conditions. Everything we see in this world is a direct connection with each other and the reason our world ever exist. Like atoms bond with together to form large objects, to serve bigger purpose so is our planet. We cannot survive if we stand alone. Human interaction is what builds civilization and created history. Humans need love and the sense of belonging right after the need for personal safety. This shows how important human interaction is for humans to survive. We all contributes something to the world, either a significant contribution or just as simple as fulfilling the social order.It’s about creating a social vibe. We’re a vehicle for human interaction, otherwise it’s just a commodity.

There is a characteristic tendency to contrast our lives with those we see online, and when we see others apparently living the life we had always dream of, it's human instinct not to feel only somewhat desirous or envy. Be that as it may, if left unchecked, that envy can rapidly transform into low self-esteem — and that can rapidly winding into depression, more discouraged and the lower our confidence, the lonelier we feel.

while we go through all these processes, adequate premium should be place on our health by sleeping at lest 7 hours a day, taking out time to exercise as well as our relationship with others in the physical world.

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