It's a common habit for investors and traders to look at the price of a coin daily or even hourly. But in case of scorum, looking and caring about its price is not necessary for now. We see high volatility in the price of the token and we will keep on seeing this for sometime more. So, why shouldn't we care about price?

Let, me give you an example;

Look at this all time chart of neo coin. Look at that flat line, it seems like dead flat line. But look when people knew what neo was it had a big big spike. Neo got popularity, but it was not looking good for years. So, if a person knew what neo is, he/she wouldn't have cared about the price.

So, what's the point?

Scorum is in very very early stage. It is not even listed in any major exchange. It's betting platfrom and fantasy is still not released. Still scorum is not giving rewards in liquid tokens and there are still some bugs to be debugged and mobile interface to be made. 

Another important factor is this is a bear market. In bear market, people's interest in cryptocurrency has decreased a lot. We have seen big updates in coins don't make any pump in price which in case of bull market would have created a massive pump. 

But why the price is so volatile?

Because there are very less sellers, when there are very less sellers people who want to buy needs to buy in high price. Which will make a massive growth in price. But if someone if really want to sell Scorum coin will sell at realtively lower price because there are less buyers too. So, when a person who wants to sell, even in lower price sells, it creates a dump in price. And we must consider that all the movements are mostly small movements which is creating volatility. This won't last for long time, when there is more liquidity.

So, the overall conclusion is, don't care about the price of scorum coin for now. It is just something which is not required. And as always this is only my opinion and I may be wrong or right.