Hello Scorum.

I was recommended to sign up on Scorum over on https://Blurt.blog so I thought I would give it a try. I am a blogger, Artist, photographer and traveller who has been blogging on Blogger since 2000 or maybe earlier.

I stumbled upon Steemit.com and the world of Crypto currency back in 2017 and then also started to blog on Hive and Blurt more recently.

I share my Photography, Artwork, Travel stories and I’m very interested in Offgrid life here in Canada. At the moment we are looking for some land on Lake Huron or Superior to build our Offgrid Cabin. In the mean time we are learning as much as we can about living off the grid with Solar and other sustainable technologies. I also share videos from my YouTube and Dtube Channels… OffgridTV and Offgridlife88.

Happy to be here on Scorum.

This is my Offgrid Travel set up for our Wolfstorm 12 Volt DC Cooler/ fridge/freezer with 100 Solar and the Jackery 240 :https://amzn.to/3PAHSKr

#offgrid #travel #photography #canada