Hi everyone,

It's been some waiting time on Scorum. Well, I think some of us won't just back down as far as blogging is concerned.🙂 Now, I must say thank you to all of you who've been supporting the blogging cast here with your reading, comments and upvotes. You are making us not feel like an endangered specie in Scorum.😁

Well, let's move on to the trending topic on Scorum. Aviatrix! It's at the test stages and the official release seems closer than ever. Some people hold quite a number of SCR coins and maybe don't know much about Aviatrix(perhaps they only blog🤷‍♂️) and how it relates to their coins or what then becomes of their bagged SCR coins in the event of the full arrival of our iGame, Aviatrix.


I would briefly be talking about how(or in what sense) the success of Aviatrix makes our SCR coins more valuable.

If we consider the fact that the Scorum liquid coin supply closely matches the supply of Bitcoin and there is no inflation on Scorum at all. Then imagine the use case possibilities of Scorum coins as compared to Bitcoin with its inherent limitations. Bitcoins value is inherent because of its limited supply and because of the added decentralization and security that causes those limitations in its use cases. Scorum's value goes through something similar due to scarcity but we have traded off some aspects of decentralization in order to allow for many more use cases than something like Bitcoin could ever dream of having.

Now this is a fact.

Scorum therfore aims to become the most decentralized DPOS blockchain in existence by dispersing the coin supply out to as many individual voting wallets as possible. They have purposely attempted to keep the core team known, but not such that a single person is thought of as all powerful like we see with Ethereum and other such projects.


These value adding aspects of Scorum are under most small investors radar and thus they often don't fully understand the true value of Scorum, and it is because of this strong attempt to keep the blockchain decentralized that we have not attracted a lot of big investors.

Look at what has happened to other projects where big investors received large amounts of pre-sale coins, those things never happened to Scorum and that is one of the reasons we can remain loyal and optimistic of our future here.

So Scorum has created a situation where the potential value of SCR, SP, and Scorum minted NFT's have an almost unlimited value appreciation proposition. As long as new markets are being created by adding our games to new sites, and as long as we are creating new NFT games or converting existing games into NFT games, then SCR and SP will be forever becoming more in demand and continually more in scarce supply, meaning more value to your coins.

Many thanks Mr. Pete for his strong input here.