Hi, this is Scorum. Okay you would say, it goes without saying. That's alright, maybe it's because I am quite excited. Excited particularly for new members because we have something that will speed up your growth and excited for Scorum at large, as this will enhance the community.

This is the underlying theory— If we can get 10,000 new members to 1000 SP then we would have taken 10 million SCR out of circulation and almost guaranteed the full decentralization of the Scorum blockchain going into the future. Remember Scorum now also has the non-sport branch.

Your little assignment as you read this, is to please point any new member that is interested in reaching the level of 1000 SP and receiving their Pro badge to Mr. @Pete, the organiser, a distinguished Pro himself and/or let them join the telegram group he erected for this purpose–(https://t.me/joinchat/jIqYxyfbVG83NjBh). If we all support blogs of new folks, it will not take long to reach this milestone!

New members in this progressive and responsible scheme are those who have posted less than 56 blogs and who have less than 1000 SP. They will be helped by priority upvotes and critiques when they join this Telegram group and post links to their blogs therein. The modus operandi is that any new member who posts at least once a week and reads and comments on the blogs of established members should be able to hit 1000 SP within one year or in 56weeks.


In a new twist to the above, we have what I call the "speed lane". It goes like this– if a new member wants to speed up the process of gaining 1000 SP and they are willing to purchase up to 500 SCR from Hotbit and convert it to SP, then Mr. Pete will send them matching funds for as long as his reserve SCR lasts. That's right, HE WILL match up to 500 SCR to any new member that purchases SCR from Hotbit and converts it to SP for as long as his supply lasts (Currently there is over 4000 SCR available). Please cascade this information to new members. Yours sincerely is a new member too.

OLD MEMBERS WHO HAVE A HEART FOR THIS KIND INITIATIVE are also invited by Mr. Pete to join up with the above given telegram group(it was never meant for new members alone).

THIS IS SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT! Reblog, re-announce, re-emphasize. Just please do something to help this information fly.