Hello Scorumites, hearty regards to you all. It obviously is such a time in Scorum where all hands need to be on deck as we brainstorm, restrategize and the like, to gain more visibility, to achieve massive adoption.

These few months have seen the upsurge in Scorum activities (at least at the executive level) as key decisions are being made about the progress of Scorum.

At this point I must mention @zoneboy, who woke up one day and led this charge for change. Before then, Scorum was virtually a sleepy house with lots of passive folks. He will set a target, announce same to the house on our Telegram group and he would meet the target time and time again. He walked the talk, so I must commend his amazing resolve to not just speak of a change,but to be the change. Super!


Once, @Pete in awe asked @zoneboy in the telegram group, "Don't you ever sleep?" This is pure testament to how @zoneboy is almost always available to answer questions and give needed updates. Suddenly I saw the CEO(Vlad Art)[sorry this Telegram name is all I know] come back into communicating with the house. I didn't know who the CEO is because I am quite new here and in any case, since I joined I have never seen him converse in our Telegram group, but today you can check him out, he is all so visible in Telegram; not just him some other silent executive members have re-ignited service to the Scorum course. Interesting.

Talking about the aforementioned @Pete, a "pro", one who has been consistent with the Scorum creed and a man who has helped me a lot with bedding in. Here is his comment recently and feel his sincerity and enthusiasm about Scorum—

“I marvel that people will easily pour money into a cryptocurrency with no real use case yet balk when they come to one with several active use cases and an unlimited number of future use cases like Scorum, it just doesn't make good sense. I'm also fascinated by the investing cycle and how most good long term investments don't take off and make big gains until after the capitulation phase when a large portion of weak hands investors have sold out cheap and moved on to some new project, thus insuring their perpetual losses and ending any possibility of ever making the big gains on anything other that quick hitters or correctly timed pump and dumps.

I have known from the very beginning that the possibility existed that Scorum could fail, but the fundamentals for this project were great, the team strong, and the future possibilities endless. It doesn't matter to me if nobody else sees those truths, in fact, I could not have built up my current level of investment had everyone noticed what a gem this project really is. So for me, our slow progress has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for small time investors like me to get in on something that could potentially become huge.

All of this extra time spent in a slow market has given me this unique opportunity, and it is my belief that all of that waiting and extending time for investing at bargain basement prices is about to come to an end. How long before real investors, not just some brought in by YouTube paid shills like many of the other crypto projects, take notice of Scorum and realize what an opportunity exists here with us. There is literally no other project that compares with Scorum, this is the only economic model that I know of in all of crypto that does not depend on either inflation or transaction fees or both in order to survive.”

@Pete and wife

There you have it, right from the Horse's mouth. His very last lines should spur us on to keep the Scorum flag flying high.

Don't you think so?