It can be observed that as usual at this time of the year, virtually all of crypto is in a dip right now, so like almost everyone else Scorum is in a brief accumulation phase again. Once we start launching updates then we should get a steady stream of positive news and new use cases for SCR. I must commend @Pete for his exposé on things like this.


I imagine that we should get several updates over the next few weeks and months leading up to the launch of our first collaboration with an existing P2E gaming site that will be utilizing the Scorum blockchain to venture into cryptos and NFT's for the very first time. We can be very enthusiastic that the upcoming updates, especially the launch of Aviator on the Scorum blockchain, will give us a good market bump. Pointedly, when the first collaboration version of Aviator and especially the first conversions of existing P2E games are fully integrated with Scorum and go live, then comes the boom!

Think for a minute about the value proposition for Scorum to be the only blockchain project whose cryptocurrency will be immediately convertible to fiat and vice-versa on a non-blockchain platform. No special keys or wallets needed, it will all be done inside the existing accounts of the people already playing these games all over the world. If you look at how many people are currently playing these P2E games then you are getting a hang of how big this boom could potentially be! When that happens, who in crypto would not want a Scorum account?

Why do people think that Hive and BSC are so interested in us right now? If this works out, we could soon be onboarding a lot of people and introducing them to cryptos and NFT's for the very first time. That is huge! 🙂😎