One of the things that we have come to associate Blockchain projects with is the Hype around the project and the amazing things that it has to offer.

Many altcoins rode this wave last year, promising to do all the amazing things that Bitcoin could not do.

In a world where the hate for Centralization has been awakened. It is easy to create a new shiny coin or token and slap a fancy use case on it. But is that all it takes to push a Blockchain project.

A promise of difference ?

Do you think that merely telling someone about all the wonderful features of this platform will make them choose to pitch their tent here ?

Well for the oldies migrating from Steem, they have learnt the Importance of being an early adopter and they might chose to stick here. 

And know that they already know all the tricks in the books and with a little Pattern recognition they can take undesirable actions to benefit in anyway they can from the reward pool.

If you are someone who have been aware of the happenings on this platform over the past few weeks, you might understand why I am writing this. 

We have seen cases of Impersonation and other forms of bad actions on this platform that makes us fear that this platform is sinking into mediocrity at a very fast rate.

It seems that we have not learnt from the lesson of the past and we have allowed the very things that we feared creep up on again.

The newbies who have had no experience blogging on the Blockchain might just learn a few tricks on their own.

Now when it comes to Scorum, like everyone I believe that it is an awesome Platform, but it's success largely depends on the strength of the community.

And between the Meetups and branded shirts, I agree that Scorumites have started making significant efforts to promote this platform and as word of mouth is the best form of marketing, the Scorum team might not spend much on Marketing but see a significant increase in Users.

There are however two major ways to market Scorum to me. They are the :

Hype Model

Help Model

This two models are Important but one bears a greater significance. If we do enough Hype, we will see a huge influx of people to this platform.

If we do enough help, we will retain people on this platform. Getting new signups is not just enough, it is keeping them that matters a lot.

So how do you go about keeping people ?

Build Tribes

Tribes are things that we build wherever we find ourselves, it is one of those things that Humans can do well. And one thing that every tribe has is a Culture. There have been posts written about quality content on this platform by people like @pete and @jodcarey.

And I have always told people that the Success of Scorum greatly hinges on the kind of Culture that Early adopters set.

If someone comes to this Platform and sees that quality content thrives, the person will automatically associate this place with quality. is the best example of how a blogging platform should look like. It is very hard to see a post on Medium that you won't learn something from. The culture of medium is that of quality content.

And in growing this platform everyone has a role to play. There are thing that look trival like dropping a comment that plays a huge role. When you see a good post even if you don't have SP to curate it, make sure to drop a good comment for the author.

If good content is not appreciated on Scorum then people won't bother. They will just settle for less and look for other "shortcuts" that will enable them earn.

Build Bridges

There a lot of things that can be achieved by building bridges on this platform. When it comes to marketing products, manipulation throws people off.

While Scorum is a very fantastic Blockchain project, people won't care if there is no sense of community on this platform. 

In a decentralized world like this if people believe that the platform favours more group of people than the other groups over time things will not work out.

Word of Mouth works whether with good or bad reports. Treating people like Humans first always pays. The Statistics won't matter if that is not done. Scorum may end up have 1 Million accounts but it might turn out to be a Platform where disunity reigns.

So in all, building this platform greatly hinges on helping each other. Always reward and appreciate value whenever you see it.

A major red flag will be when poorly written content starts performing better than well written content, then we might find ourselves heading in an undesired direction.

I hope more people get to see this post and understand what it contains.


Thanks For Reading.

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