You need to stand out in the Multitude of Titles.

When it comes to getting any content you put out on the Internet read, there are a lot of advices that you will hear from the 'gurus'. Advice like using a catchy headline or an enticing Image.

Those are Important and play a part in content strategy. However if you study them, you will find out that those tactics only gets people to click on your post, it does not guarantee that they will read it or even finish reading it if they start.

One of the greatest thing that gives a writer joy is engagement, there is that joy that comes with getting feedback for the content you put. 

While some may be satisfied by only earning from the content on a platform like this that has instant rewards, there is still a role that engagement has to play.

Getting huge upvotes may get you paid, but engagement breeds authority. You may have all the money you want, but you won't have Authority in your niche.

So how do you build engagement ?. How do you get people to read and finish your post that you have brought their attention to with that catchy header and nice pictures.

Believe me, it is not everyone who opens your post that reads it and a huge number of people who read it rarely finish, they just skim through and drop a generic comment at the end.

Nice Post.

Now you cannot control how people interact with your content from their own end. You can't hold them hostage and force them to read the post line by line, but there are somethings that you can do from your end that will ensure that they will finish that post you spent so much time and energy writing.

There are a lot of variables that can sink your content on Scorum and make it less visible, they range from using the wrong tags to offline followers, but at the heart of creating content that get's read is one basic ability.

Good Sentences.

It may sound basic or simple to You. But believe me, it is not everyone that gets this principle. Check the posts by different bloggers on Scorum and you will see some writing posts that no one will obviously read.

Sentences are crumb sized Morsels of value. The purpose of a sentence is to hold your readers interest by being meaningful and also act as an usher for the next one.

Don't just write a Post. Write the Greatest Post Ever

How to Write Great sentences that Epic Posts Stand On.

Like I said in my previous post, Sports content are mostly analytical, but you will need to have a knowledge of sports history in other to pull that off successfully.

If you are not someone who always immerses himself in Sports content then you may find it hard coming up with a meaningful post. It is not enough to write a post that Juventus will win the Champions League or why the New York Jets will win the Super Bowl.

You have to give reasons based on history and also their current form to why the odds are stacked in their favor.

Writing a post that gets read hinges on writing things that is worth reading.

And your writing has to be concise and easy to read. Most people write like paragraphs exist. You don't want your readers to bounce after getting intimidated with a huge block of ugly text.

There is also an important aspect of gluing your sentences together. Even though you will make the posts easily readable with paragraphs, you also have to make sure that you connect your sentences together so that readers will find it easy to read every word while understanding it at the same time.

You also have to learn how to use lists to highlight Important points.

  • It helps you breakdown the blocks of text
  • It also improves reader experience and enables them make mental notes.
  • It will also help them see the value of each point.

I just gave a nice example above.

And after writing, you may have to go through the often painful process of making edits where necessary to make certain content shorter. Reduce redundancy and make your sentences shorter if possible.

Note this does not mean that you should shorten a post, even if you are writing a 3000 word post,strive to ensure that every word in that post drives home your main point.

Injury Time

Blogging and building an Authority on a platform like this takes lots of Hardwork. Don't make it harder by frustrating readers with improperly arranged content.

You can only upvote your a post once, you will have to give others reason to do the same. I hope this post helps you Improve your content creation process.

We all want this platform to grow, and one of the ways is to ensure that all the content posted here are of high quality. That's a great determinant in building the perception people have of this platform in the outside world. It goes beyond getting huge upvotes.

Even if you are here to earn, you have to put in the work, you have to show people that you are ready to sentence yourself to Success


Thanks For Reading 

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