I will like to sign in with a popular saying that I always use which says "A difficult time can be more readily endure if only we retain the conviction that our existence hold a purpose." I could still remembered when I started the journey here and the whole things looks fallen apart. Thanks to scorum for the welcoming 5 SP though but the moment I started the journey, I realized it goes beyond the welcoming SP, I have to put in some efforts to climb the ladder.

It doesn't go as expected, I could still remembered vividly when I will drop a post and hardly will I have a payout of 2 SCR. Aside from my introductory post that shows that the community gave me a warm welcome, the rest was nothing to write about and I thought the best thing to do next is to quit but all thanks goes to @tosyne2much, the co-founder of Scorumnigeria who will always encourage me to do more in terms of quality post and my way of interacting with people as that is the only way that can make me survive here.

That continues to help until I was nominated for a scorum patronage organized by @sport-frei to visit my blog for a week. That was a kind of good initiative a newbie like me need then to write everyday because I know an upvote is waiting for me, if I fail to post one day then I'm going to loose that day upvote. Honestly speaking, that see my SP growing and I continue to write everyday.

I have and endless list here but I will still try to mention some names because this people are one of the reasons why I'm still here, @austino, @mr-sarriball, @kolumbus, @jon.bonomo, @fraste, @idunique, @fnemoto, @jaineel, @talesfrmthecrypt, @dexpartacus, @chimzysports, @pete, @bamamama, @zoneboy, @honourmaus, @cicbar, @jotmax, @stanleyasokingz, @brandonk, @brancofan99, @peman85, @izge, @akodozen, @willswilliams, @battleaxe.I want to say a big thank you for your support.

Getting this badge means a lot to me because it is a sign of my commitment to this platform despite the fact that the journey was rough and rugged, I still hold on to the fact that my existence here hold a purposes and I want to thank the Scorum team for rewarding me with the badge.

I could still remembered when @mr-sarriball told me about Pete contest; the moan day contest and the freaky Friday contest, taking part in this contest really helped me as a newbie because aside from the post payout, I also get some rewards in participating in the contest and I want to say a big thank you to @pete for organizing this kind of contest here to expose writers who are struggling to find their stand on the platform.

My Word For Newbie Still Struggling

One of the best way to survive on this platform is to relate well with each other and to show commitment in your write ups, remember Rome can never be built in a day, it is a matter of time. Getting the pro badge as far as blogging is concern is not what you can achieve over night but you can get it very easy when you relate well with others people post. Always comment and curate others people post with the little power you have because Zig Ziglar say something that "You can get whatever you want in life as long as you are ready to help others people get what they want."

Always participate in contest most especially, the moan day and the freaky Friday contest organized by @pete because it is one of the easiest way to get expose on the platform.

With Regards,