Vladislav Artemyev answers questions about the upcoming Scorum 2.0 updates

This Interview was conducted by member goldenbogdan and was originally posted in the Russian language on Scorum World. Translated and reposted here with permission of the author.

Question #1

Bogdan: Media blockchain Scorum is preparing to become more actively involved in the NFT gaming industry. Following the release of this news the exchange rate of our native coin SCR has already risen from $0.005 to $0.03 (i.e. it made a 6X gain). I believe that this may just be the beginning. If more people, especially gamers, understand the essence of the upcoming updates then a real boom could begin for Scorum. As far as I understand, the SCR coin will be included in the games so that you can buy game 'niceties' with it (upgrade of a tank, plane, character, etc.)? Please tell us more about this: what kind of implementation is planned, and into which games?

Vlad: The type of games will be presented at a later date. We plan to implement many different styles of games, but this will occur in stages. At the moment I can tell you that SP (Scorum Power) will be needed to generate the NFTs that will be used in these games to participate in the competitions. Currently, the game mechanics are still being developed and the answers to these questions will be decided later. This is a big undertaking because the development is an iterative process, we will write some code for the mechanics, then we must study the results. Finally, after the analysis is complete for one aspect of the game, we plan out the next steps which must be coded in and tested.

Question #2

Bogdan: When will these upcoming updates be launched (at least approximately)? And will a blockchain fork be needed to implement it?

Vlad: A fork will be needed because game mechanics will be used in the blockchain itself, unlike many other similar project implementations where the mechanics themselves are in a third-party blockchain or even in a centralized backend. As far as timing, we want to release the first game before the end of this year. (2021)

Question #3

Bogdan: We already know that new NFT tokens will be credited to the existing SP holders. Will a larger SP stake mean that the member will receive more NFT's? If so in what percentage? One author that I respect expressed the idea that only one NFT will be credited for each account and that the strength of this NFT will depend on the amount of SP in the account. Supposedly the NFT will have artificial intelligence and the ability to develop, become more powerful and more expensive over time. Perhaps , even play games by itself like a bot. These are the rumors and fantasies already circulating in the Scorum community. I would like to hear from you a sensible comment about this subject, and an explanation of what these NFT's will actually be like. Also, what would a person with a stake of, say, 100,000 SP receive?

Vlad: Here is what the first phase of our plan will look like. The larger the amount of SP in an account, the cooler the game NFT they receive will be. Next, we will experiment with other games and possibly change the metrics. Maybe for the next phase it will be possible that the amount of SP in an account will generate several NFT's that are slightly weaker instead of only one powerful NFT.

No one can say in advance which mechanics will become the most attractive, so we want to make many different options and then determine which one performs best and then we will scale it. Another interesting element will be building several games based on the same NFT. The ability to use the same NFT in multiple and completely different games will make ownership of such an NFT much more interesting.

Artificial intelligence and bots are also planned, but that will come later, perhaps in the next year (2022). It is just too futuristic for right now, so we decided to postpone this development until a little later in our backlog.

Question #4

Bogdan: When receiving a new Scorum-NFT, will the holder of such a coin need to actively participate in games or will the coin have value all by itself? Will such a coin somehow develop if I am not a gamer? I ask because I am not interested in playing games myself, so will the NFT just be an asset in my wallet?

Vlad: It will be possible for you to not play a game and still benefit from the growth in the value of an NFT due to the fact that there will be an increasing number gamers, thus demand for the NFT's will grow over time.

Question #5

Bogdan: Do you plan to list these NFTs on the crypto exchange with the possibility of exchanging them for cash in the same way as it is possible with SCR? Or will it be just in-game currency for buying and selling "characters" within the games?

Vlad: Probably not on exchanges, they will mostly be sold and traded at NFT marketplaces in order to increase visibility and gain access to liquidity. We want to make bridges to many other blockchain projects so that our members can transfer their NFT's to many different places and sell them there at various marketplaces. This will provide the greatest access to liquidity, hence the prices should rise faster.

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