Now that we have our very on feed that will be showing the latest blogs from the people that we are following, it is time to clean up my list of people that I follow and cull it down to those who fit into that feed and consist of the bogs that I want to see first each day. What I'm telling you is that I'm probably going to unfollow several of you and for the most part it has nothing to do with whether I like you personally or not, as a curator I will need this list pared down to close associates and those who are creating either top content or the kind of content that I enjoy the most and don't want to miss. It doesn't mean that I won't be looking to upvote and support content creators that are not in my feed, it's just that I need my feed to consist of mostly the blogs that I consider "can't miss." There are going to be people in my feed that don't follow me, I'm not even going to compare lists because that doesn't even matter to me. You should only be following me if you want to see my content, it is not going to make me mad or cause me to decide whether to give you an upvote or not just because you are not following me. I am going to strive to give my upvotes to those who both add value to the platform and those that give added value to my life through the information that they are sharing. The power of my upvotes will depend both on the value that I place on the content, and what my voting power is at the time that I read your blog. All of us have a limited amount of voting power, my goal is to spread my votes around far and wide, yet not vote so many blogs that those votes become powerless and irrelevant.

My policy to date is to try and follow everyone who follows me, comments on one of my blogs or upvotes me on a blog or a comment. I have missed several I'm sure, but that has been my policy and I think it has held up for the most part. Because I have been doing this without checking out the accounts first, I'm sure that I have several known plagiarizers on my follows list, they will go away without question. Next are those that are just posting translated articles with little or no added content, there is a place for that on Scorum but for the most part, you have received your reward for translating the material and there is no need for that to be in my feed. Next will be writers that I either can't understand or that are hard to understand. If I have to work really hard just to figure out what you are writing about then my time may be better spent on other blogs. The last that I may have to let go of may hurt sometimes and I probably will hang on to these until my feed is just too full and something has to go. These are the great blogs, but they are about sports-related things that I am just not that interested in. Being from the U.S.A I'm mostly into American sports, I want to learn about other sports, but I may not want to follow them on a daily basis. I will still see the best of these blogs in the trending feeds and I can support them as much as possible, but they may not be my main focus.


I am just a naturally loyal guy and I do want to support those who support me on a regular basis. What I mean here is that just because you follow me does not mean that I'm going to follow you, and just because I'm following you does not mean that you have to follow me. You will not automatically get a follow from me in the future just because I see that you have started to follow my blogs. But those who do follow me and support me with upvotes or comments on my blogs, or my comments on the blogs of others, on a regular basis will end up on my follows list. I may or may not upvote you as much as you upvote me, I don't even want to think about trying to keep up with such data. But whenever and wherever I get the opportunity I do want to reward those who are taking the time to read my posts and those who find value in my work. Of course, there are limits to even this, there is a limited amount of time in the day and a limited number of upvotes possible, and I won't be keeping score.

My desire is to be the best blogger and best curator that I can be and I want to use my votes to help make Scorum what other such platforms have failed to do. I hope that you agree with this approach, if not then please tell me how I can do better for myself and the Scorum Community.