Vlad's blog may be delayed until next week because of an illness and because the he is putting the finishing touches on something that he wants to be able to introduce you to.

Don't worry, I promise that Vlad is working on the blog and that he plans to update everyone about where Scorum is right now and what we can expect in the future. I know that some have lost their original vision of what they expected Scorum to be, and what it will be one day and I hate that for you. It is very unfortunate that the world has yet to see the Scorum platform, or to witness what the Scorum Economic Model is capable of because adoption of blockchain technology has yet to materialize. But that may change soon and in the mean time the Development team and those of us who enjoy using the platform can continue to move forward, building as we go.

I remain extremely optimistic, especially after hearing how excited Vlad is about the coming updates and the changes that are starting to take place in the crypto-sphere. But whether we have to wait a couple of years for adoption to take place or whether the hoards of new users show up tomorrow, you can bet that Vlad and the core developers will continue working towards their ultimate goal and I plan to be right here with them all the way. I have seen a vision of Scorum in full operation and it was a beautiful sight to behold, I can't wait for that vision to become a reality!