There has been a lot of discussion recently about the status of the Scorum project, about the value of Scorum tokens, and about what the future holds for the Scorum Platform. I'm not a team member and I don't have any pipeline to inside information, but I have had some private conversations with team members in the past and I have studied the white paper from front to back several times. I have also spent a considerable amount of time studying the market that Scorum has endeavored to disrupt as well as the crypto economy and how Scorum might fit into that economy and the implications that has on the current world financial system.

Who Should Secure an Account on Scorum and Why?

  • Teams, Organizations, Betting Groups

First of all every sports team or organization of any kind should create an account on Scorum to preserve their brand name now. Scorum is a blockchain not a web site, it is first come first serve and transactions on the blockchain are permanent. That means that when someone creates an account and takes a username then that name is locked up with that user and his specific private key forever. For the purpose of preserving the "Brand" it is essential that every organization secure a pristine version of their account name on Scorum now or they may live with regret of not heeding this warning for a very long time.

  • Advertisers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers

All major advertisers and leading sports gear manufacturers, distributors and retailers also need to secure their brand. Can there be more than one "Dicks" sporting goods or "Gander Mountain?" Will Adidas, Spalding or Russell be forced to create a Scorum account something like "The Real Adidas," "True Spalding," or "Russell2?" Loading up on SCR now will make it cheap to purchase ad space in the future. Also, just think about the first company that creates an account and establishes their presence here. Think of the attention that they would receive, and imagine of they read this and saw the potential of bringing one of their sponsored personalities on board so that they could be one of the "First in Space" members and all of the future recognition that would come from that when Scorum becomes the fastest growing Sports Media Center in the World.

  • Sports News Outlets and Social Media Personalities

Some institutions and individuals have spent years building up a name, a brand, a following and a reputation. Should they sit back and let someone else piggyback off of their hard work by allowing them to take their brand name that they put so much work into building up? Good luck going to a remote section of the world and negotiating with someone who used your name and whose culture, laws and language you don't even understand. The guy might have just used that name because he saw it on a sign along the side of a road or in an old newspaper, but now how will they get it back and how much will it cost to do so?

  • Athletes, Coaches and Trainers

Everyone with a prominent name in the sports industry should immediately establish their preferred username even if they never plan on posting or using the Scorum platform. Why? Well would you want someone to be posting on Scorum under a username that is common to you on social media? It would not be fair, but what could be done? If they stole an identity we have seen that this can be handled, but that username is still lost forever.

  • Individual Sports Fans and Booster Clubs

Here is your opportunity to get involved with a one of a kind sports platform that is on the leading edge of the newest technology. Here is a chance to gain a voice and let your opinions be known. On Scorum you can interact with the sports world and get your own views out into the public for debate. Those who join early can build their accounts up relatively easily, later in the adoption phase that voting power will translate into a much louder voice on Scorum. If you want your favorite player or team to listen to what you have to say in the future, then now is the best time to be on Scorum building up a meaningful account.

  • Summery

All of these groups of people should be signing up for an account right away, and there are others that would benefit from an account that I did not even mention. The problem is that as we sit here discussing this today the majority of these future Scorum users have no idea that they even need an account, most have never even heard of Scorum. But they will and soon, because before much longer the world will be given a crash course on what blockchain technology is and what platforms like Scorum have the power to do for their lives and livelihood

Each of these entities should create and fund an account as soon as possible. Funding an account means visibility and power on the Scorum Platform, and it will only get harder with each passing day to make this happen. The reason for this is scarcity, there are just not that many Scorum tokens in circulation and as businesses and investors begin to realize the potential of this unique product that supply will quickly dwindle, and as it does it will become harder and much more expensive to create a sizable account with significant voting power.

Lets Talk About Scorum Tokens and Scarcity

What would it take for the tap of whole number SCR tokens to start running dry?

Currently we have 17,996,043.012 SP tokens that are staked and if they were all powered down they would still not be part of the circulating supply for twelve months. That leaves just 11,084,996.922 SCR, Scorum's liquid tokens, available for purchase today. Lets try to put a little perspective on that.

My home town, just one small town in Alabama, has a population of just about 40,000 people. If I were to convince every one of them to open a Scorum account and purchase 277 SCR, then there would not be a single whole SCR available to purchase in the entire world!

Lets go a little bigger. The New York Mets Professional Baseball Team's Facebook page has 1,525,304 "likes." If all of those Mets fans signed up for an account on Scorum and all of the free SCR available was divided evenly among them how many would they each own? They would each only be able to own 7 whole SCR!

There are 30 MLB teams and each team has a 40 man roster, 25 of which are active in the major league. Plus the team has several coaches and trainers, we'll just say ten for each team to keep us in round numbers. So that's 30 teams and 50 players, coaches and trainers each team, or 1500 perspective new Scorum members. So if all of Major League Baseball were to join Scorum today there would only be 7,389 whole SCR coins for each person. Look around at how many of our members have more SP than only one sports league member could possibly own?

How many sports leagues of all fashions do you think exist in the world? How many athletes are there that are in active participation right at this moment? There are enough sports fans in one major world city alone to dry up the spigot of available SCR in our very shallow well really fast. I hope that you can see and understand why I consider myself already very wealthy to have 30,000 SP and why I believe that anyone who has 1,000 SP in their account will one day be a major holder here on Scorum. A time will come when the majority of Scorum members will own a fraction of one SCR and be glad to have it!

What will happen during the next Bull run of the crypto market when the big business and institutional money starts flowing into this space? What will the citizens of the world, including all of the sports teams and fans do when they start to see the value of Cryptocurrencies begin to rise rapidly once again? I'll tell you what is going to happen, investment money is going to start looking for working products first and then they will start jumping on promising projects that have not yet launched a product later. People are going to be searching the various cryptos on coin market cap and other sources looking for a good place for them to jump on the bandwagon. And every company and organization, including sports teams, are going to be researching the blockchains to find out how this new technology might affect them.

Why Should Teams, Sports Writers, Athletes and Others use Scorum?

  • Exposure

When the blockchain becomes "The Newest Thing" everyone will want to get involved. Sports teams, leagues, players, and fans are going to seek out a way to get involved with this new technology. Teams will not just want a members account, they will want a Scorum "Team" page, so will the athletes, they will desire a "Profile" page and we are going to give it to them. Imagine the New York Mets or Manchester United with their own Scorum page and a large enough account to give rewards to the loyal fans that read their team blogs and comment on their page. Sure they interact with their fans on the Internet now, but can they reward them and run promotions powered by the blockchain?

  • Rewards

Cristiano Ronaldo has 77.6 million followers on Twitter, are you kidding me! When he posts a tweet what does he receive? What if he were on Scorum along with his millions of fans? What if Renaldo posted a short message after a game and received an upvote from each of his fans? What if you were a fan and you wrote a comment on his page that a million people liked and upvoted? Look at all of this potential, can you see why I keep saying that one day we will not be talking about receiving an upvote worth 10 SCR, no, an upvote worth 0.0000000001 SCR will be worth a lot of money when there are millions of people using Scorum. That is how scarce these tokens really are!

  • Sports Memorabilia and Discount Tickets

One day soon we will have a Scorum store where anyone can purchase personalized sports memorabilia and souvenirs. Can you imagine the types of promotional giveaways that could be run on the Scorum platform. How bad do you think other fans will want to purchase the items that someone else won in a contest or for being a loyal team fan. How would you like to be able to purchase game tickets with the SCR that you earned just from being an active follower and fan of your team on Scorum? These things will be possible one day.

There is a lot more that I could say about this aspect of the Scorum platform, we have just scratched the surface so far. But I'm getting tired and I need to move on to the Betting Platform and say a little bit about it before I close out this blog.

What About Betscorum?

I'm not a gambler and I know next to nothing about casinos, betting odds, bookies, or commissions. But I do know that the sports betting industry is huge and that a very large amount of money changes hands every year through the world of sports betting. I also have enough sense to know that the greater your odds the greater your chances of actually winning. I also understand that if it does not cost you up front to play or a percentage of your winnings when you leave, then the cost of losing is lower and the amount of potential winnings is higher. So commission free sports betting in an industry as large as this is a very big deal. One other thing that I do understand is that blockchain technology adds a great deal of security to everything, because every transaction is permanently recorded and stored for everyone to see. Since Scorum is decentralized that also means that individual betters can have both a degree of anonymity yet still be protected from cheaters. Now that's a deal.

I would like to see Scorum also partner with a privacy token project or develop a privacy token of our own. I believe that we will receive a lot of gamblers who don't necessarily want it to be broadcast that they are making thousands of dollars worth of bets on Betscorum. What if a celebrity won or lost a lot of money, would they want everyone to know who they were and broadcast it all over social media? If they did they would want to keep control of that information themselves and release the details to someone who would report the event in a favorable way. I also think of the person who wins a huge jackpot, is that person going to want everyone to be able to follow the cashed out transaction and see what wallet account it went into? In order to keep that level of privacy I think that it would be great to have the ability to easily move SCR in and out of a good privacy coin.

I don't know all of the stats on how large the sports betting industry is, but what I do know for sure is that if only a small fraction of those betters opened up a Scorum account and started purchasing SCR to use on Betscorum, then all of that free floating SCR that is being practically given away on the exchanges right now would dry up in a great big hurry. Someone tell me what would happen if a popular bookie started using Scorum to post all of those bets? Isn't the bookie the one who takes the bets in some bar somewhere and then posts them with the casino? I really don't know, but I would think that if they could get the best odds commission free and place those bets privately on Scorum then they would be all over it, surely they would be able to greatly increase their own earnings. Then I have to think, wouldn't the tech savvy betters just bypass the bookie and go straight to Scorum when they found out about it?

I must end this blog, but we are nowhere near done. Here are some more things to talk about.

  • Apps

Almost anything that has been built on Steemit can also be built on top of Scorum. Thinking on that, I would expect a large amount of sports related apps to be built for Scorum in the future. As the platform turns profitable there will be a lot of revenue flooding into the developers pool to use for building. They will be able to hire more staff and speed up the development process. I know that there are members here who would like to see the blockchain opened up to private apps, but right now I'm more for strictly controlled and approved app building so that everything that appears for use on the Scorum blockchain is safe and will integrate perfectly with all of the current platforms. I'm not for the release of glitchy, buggy apps that I would be afraid to use. But if you have any kind of an imagination you should be able to think of some wonderful possibilities for the future of Scorum apps.

  • Photo Database

The idea of being able to earn a lifetime of passive income just for posting the photos that we take on our next trip to the ball park or the next time we get a photo of our favorite player out in public is very exciting to me. I think of a young person who just happens to catch the perfect photo during a sporting event, that one in a million shot that everyone wants to use. Such a photo could sit on Scorum for years and years earning a little bit here and there for as long as Scorum exists.

  • Scalability

Scorum was built on a Graphene blockchain which has already been proven to be very scalable. The problem of scalability was exposed during the last Bull run, any blockchain that has not solved that problem by the time this next Bull run gets into high gear is going to be in a lot of trouble. Who will remain when the dust settles? None of our so called competitors, the truth is that we have no competition yet whatever is out there is just pretenders. I believe that when masses of people flood into the crypto space there will be a whole lot of weaker projects that can't keep up with the demand. these will falter and go down in flames because who will want to use something that is slow and expensive. During the peak of the last Bull run Steemit never even blinked, it just kept on trucking with plenty of room to spare. I hear that they have made it even better in preparation for the next phase of adoption, whatever they did we will also be able to do if the need ever arises. This Scalability factor alone makes Scorum a sound investment.

That's all that I have for today, I hope some of you, especially those from the betting side, will add some more important reasons why Scorum is a valuable investment of your time and money. It is my honest opinion that every early adopter on Scorum who puts in just the minimum amount of effort will be greatly rewarded one day soon.