Anyone can participate and receive a vote


  • At the end of your post, link the social media where you have shared.
  • Leave your post in our telegram channel
  • For those who prefer Discord: join our @scorum-italia server and add a link to your post in the promo.scr room
  • For each social network: Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Voice, etc... you will receive a 5% upvote. Example: if you share on 3 social networks you will have a 15% upvote.
  • To avoid abuse, accounts on other social media sites must be active and have a good following.

We are at the second week of Promo.scr, I have no way to evaluate the results obtained, but I can see the commitment of many users, in the second week the shares of other users were added:

  • @costanza
  • @psicologiaexpres
  • @izge
  • @peman85
  • @austino
  • @giornalista
  • @stellar
  • @ronaldo420

which are added to:

  • @sport-frei
  • @bdn
  • @betman
  • @sixx
  • @dexpartacus
  • @talesfrmthecrypt
  • @dwin0603
  • @frafiomatale
  • @centercourt
  • @chimzysports
  • @akudozen
  • @ablaze
  • @jon.bonomo

the community is responding in a compact manner and I thank you, we will continue like this until the next update.

From this week there will be an additional prize, each share on linkedin will receive a 25% upvote...

I was inspired by the post of @jon.bonomo: