Hello Friends,

It's my first post on scorum. So, I decided to write an introductory post. My name is Rabin from India. I am Very eager to write a post and I like to work on this platform from my Friends opinion. Apart from this platform, I had written several blogs on steemit which is similar to scorum. Beside this, I like to do prediction on football and cricket match. Today, I was betting on Bet365 where I have to pay transaction fees and not able to earn a huge amount as my prediction always goes right. But, due to high transaction fees, I can't able to gain a huge profit.

From my school days, I had shown great interest in the field of football and cricket. Apart from this, I had taken part in a tournament where I had won various trophy and cash prizes. From my sports addiction, I always go for playing cricket and football in the evening and play with my local Friends. In my college, I am playing for my state team due to strong support from my college staff.

Moreover, I had invested in several cryptocurrencies, coins such as Trx, Steem, Ethereum and Ripple are the coins which I had purchased for my future. One of my social friend who always supports me and gives helpful tips about which coin is Better for the future and what is the role of the coin and then I invest in that coin. He had also given advice to me to invest in scorum as it is having a sports network.

scorum is a platform where every people can write a blog on sports and get rewarded with a scorum coin. Furthermore, the Betting program had launched and many bloggers of scorum shown great interest in betting. There are lots of people who bet and write a post on scorum. With this approach, I also like to bet on betscorum. As I am new in betscorum I will try my best to learn about betting program and start investing in it and I will bet on the program as I had previously told that I am betting in bet365, which looks similar to betscorum. so, it will not take too much time for me to understand about betting program.

So, Its all about my introduction and hope everyone help me on betting program so I can able to share my prediction team and players while writing a blog on scorum.com. with the blog, every people will get high lights and player tips from my knowledge. Overall, my blogging experience on steemit will help me to write a blog and knowledge from bet365, I will able to predict the winning team from my own experience. Due to sports addiction, I will not quit this program and help people who are Fresh on this platform. If I get good support from people then surely it will Very helpful for me to remain active for a longer period.

Thanks for visiting my blog.