Recently, I have observed that after the patch there have been slowdown on website loading. I am thinking if this is only on my end or everyone is current experiencing this. There might be possibility that this was caused by features and website optimization was not on priority. Anyway, it is just my perspective and there's so much things to be done and probably development team are looking into optimizing the website.

I was truly amaze with the new patch in the platform which gives more features and improvements to us users as well as members of the Scorum community. By, that we are really thankful on continuous improvements.

Now, i was thinking about Website Traffic on Scorum since I have sense recently that after some promotions and referrals from other active members, the traffic did increase as well as registered users compare to initial start of the blogging platform.

With the progress that we are gaining, day by day users increase and possibly their activities too where there will be more posting of articles, commenting and voting. All of these factors does consume bandwidth and generates traffic into the website. Even, browsing the website without any engagement still it is considered as traffic.

I have found a Website that could initially give us report overview on how Scorum platform behaves for the past months since the domain goes active.

Traffic Overview - Image Source

As per Traffic Overview, we can see that there is a huge activity around June 2018 where it is the official launching of the blogging platform where old members in coin sales and new registrants are flocking in. Each of them explore the website due to curiosity of the new platform and even created their very first article.

For June 2018, it has generated around 200K total visits in any form of devices whether it would be a desktop or mobile.

Country Traffic - Image Source

According to country traffic, we have a lot of activity in Brazil and United States. I can see how popular Scorum there or probably this is due to referral links generated by people to invite to the new platform.

Traffic Source - Image Source

On the traffic sources, there is around 54.17% direct access into the website while through referral system only 29.11%. I think we need some more push into referral but still spamming links should take into consideration to avoid bad impression from public.

Proper and professionalism should always be uphold when doing such activities.

Referrals - Image Source

On referral link we can see some distributions of website locations. This can help us analyze to where we should improve and what strategies that are needed to make it better.

Search - Image Source

According to search results, there are both paid and organic. I am really thankful that there are people who really paid just to improve website traffic and at the same time get more new users and investors in the process.

Social - Image Source

We have seen great effort from promoters where there are many hits in both Facebook and Youtube. These following free social media apps really more traffic especially there are millions of users in the internet nowadays.

Display Advertising - Image Source

In display advertising, we have seen good performance on YouTube which is also serve as good initiative from promoters.

Website Content - Image Source

On all website content, we can see that there are around 78.70% total hits on the main platform while on the wallet side its around 12.02%. We can see that there are less people engaging in the draft where only 5.19% generated traffic. I think when SCR will be distributed in article rewards, i think there is a huge possibility that it will increase from its current percentage.

Audience Interest - Image Source

Now checking on the interest side more people engage traffic on Scorum on Business and Industry rather than Internet and Telecom. I think promoters should try to focus on targeting proper category and people interest to maximize their promotions, making it more efficient and effective.

To see more of the results you can check it here : Results

Just give your insights and perspective on the results that we have generated. I think each of us has something to say about this. This will be one way of informing the development team, what's on our side and that they will be properly addressed the way we want it to be. There might be possibility that development will hear our request through proper request.

Hope to see some comment and suggestions about this.