Hey everyone,

So its been a long time since I made a post about abuser on the platform. Even though I don't post regularly about my fight against abusers and other things, I always keep an eye out on the platform for it. So without further a do, let's start talking.

What is the story behind the drama?

So I was notified on the IAS Community discord server that one guy was repeatedly posting nothing but some numbers from the coinmarketcap and posting shit. I thought to take a look into the matter. So what I found was @Scorumboxing was involved in a clash between him and @swolesome and others where he was called out for shit posting, same reason for which I flagged his current post. So after looking through, I flagged his two post cause they were nothing but garbage, with 80% flag.

Now Mr. No Brainer, comes up and think to fight it with some funny comments. As you know bot is more than happy to hear your opinion, but if you do be ready to take some of your own shit back too.

Now here the drama ends and I start to wonder what is going on behind the scenes? so here are the details.

How can you say @Scorumboxing is an abuser?

On looking through blockchain, what I found was @scorumboxing is nothing but a sneaky lil b****. All he does is self jerk and think he is the best of all.

With all the upvotes given by @gametime15 aka @scorumboxing to his own self, he thinks he is the king of scorum. Also as I know this Mr. No Brainer will comment below and say its all rubbish, well I have the complete list of upvotes and each and every transaction you did on scorum, I can give you a detailed version of all of this dumbass.

So not only @gametime15, but I assume @amplus609 is also his account, I mean what friend or family will transfer all his/her SCR to someone else's account.

On top of that, @amplus609 also upvotes constantly only one person, and yes you guessed right, @scorumboxing. I must say you have some die-hard fans @scorumboxing.

So Now What Are You Going To Do?

The thing that I always do, fight against abusers with my tiny little SP holding. I am gonna flag and leave some lovely ass comments on his post each and everytime. Only way for me to deal with it ;]

Anything You Want To Say To Mr. No Brainer aka @Scorumboxing aka @gametime15 aka @amplus609?

By flaunting $2000-$3000 is not making you look like rich, not to mention that's half of my monthly income. So try to impress someone else with that shit.

Also, calling my wife names ain't gonna do anything, cause we don't give a single fuck about that. Maybe you should go back to your job, get some money and relax with your gf. OH! my bad I forgot you don't have a job, and a gf and a life. I feel sorry for you my lonely dumbass. Don't worry if you wanna talk to someone at anytime, I am always around ;] Mr. Dumbass

Edit: Thanks for @hassan suggesting to add some links to this abuser's post. Below are his recent posts and multi-account profile links.

@scorumboxing - Profile link

@amplus609 - Profile link

@gametime15 - Profile link

Shit-post 1 : Link

Shit-post 2 : Link

Shit-post 3 : Link

Shit-post 4 : Link

Shit-post 5 : Link

Thank you all :]