Hi Scorum’s members! Today I have an idea to tell you about”how to get votes?.

Why are you here? I know that all of you need profit or want to earn money or cryptocurrencies by writing and posting on the scorum flatform.

Who votes your posts? All of you are authors ,so you need votes altogether and you don’t want to vote other posts even though their posts are the best, because you are doubtful that if you vote their posts , they will vote your posts back or not . Scorum is a blog ,so only scorum’s members can vote your posts ,not all people around the world.(no one give you the profit without getting back).

How to get votes? You must create good posts, useful information about sports.In your post must have a game for readers to play. If they answer or guess correctly, give them the rewards. You must have some rules for playing the game. The game must be easy to make readers want to play. The other way you must join in the communities at discord , so you can get more profit from the communities.

Bless you success in your work !

Thanks for reading.

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