The Tool to place flags on the SCORUM platform is to prevent users from abusing and benefiting in an incorrect and immoral way, for example by trying to earn rewards for a content that does not belong to them, ie plagiarized or to take advantage of the benefit offered by a certain label incorrectly


I think the idea or the project is excellent to contribute to having our wonderful SCORUM platform free of SPAM; since they damage the image of SCORUM negative way, but first the intention of the executed fact must be analyzed; because if there is no intention to take advantage of it incorrectly, it was only done out of recklessness, due to ignorance or ignorance of the fault committed or if it was intentionally done, for example, when the tag is improperly used INTRODUCEYOURSELF or INTRODUCEMYSELF and the publication has nothing to do with his presentation as a new user or he publishes his presentation several times; This is because he knows that solidarity is always given to those who start SCORUM as new users and it is a way to welcome them.

To the possible offenders of a supposed fault committed, before placing a Flag, you must first give a kind of warning advice or pedagogical guidance to educate our community in a comment that motivates you to do things every time better and with more quality for the benefit of our community of the SCORUM platform. If the user disregards the warning and is a repeat offender for the third time, then we proceed to sanction as appropriate or is expressed in the rules of coexistence of our community.

Other faults that must be taken into account is the use of information or images that do not belong to us and that are taken as our own, without respecting the copyright. This is an injustice and immoral; This is because you are receiving a certain reward with a material that does not belong to us as an author. That is why it is essential that each image contained in the publications must contain the source from which it was taken.

Similarly if someone does not place the sources to their respective images, you must first give the respective pedagogical guidance of the fault that is committing and not tasting responsibly the third call will be sanctioned as provided in the rules of coexistence of SCORUM.

And what do you think about it? Do you agree with what I expose and propose or do you think differently? I would like to know your opinion or contribution to improve more and more.