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What do you think if Scorum has reward pool for pageviews? Means part of reward pool will be automatically distributed to posts based on its pageviews. Posts with more pageviews will receive more reward. Of course I'm talking about pageviews from unique IP address to prevent abuse.

Reward pool for pageviews can bring millions of new users to the platform. No kidding. Imagine the impact to Scorum's traffic if sports influencers promote their Scorum posts to millions of their audience in Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But current reward pool doesn't reward such activity, we don't reward marketing effort and viral posts.

Have you ever seen viral Scorum/Steemit posts in Facebook or Twitter? No? Ever wonder why? Because there is no incentive to share your Scorum posts to other social media platform. Because the reward pool doesn't reward such activity.

I, myself, have more than 250K followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined. But I have never shared a single link from my Scorum blog to my followers there. Why? Because simply there is no incentive for me to do it.

Actually there is an incentive to bring new people to your posts on Scorum, those people will automatically become your followers. But that's not enough incentive, in my opinion.

There Will Be No Ad Without Traffic

According to the Whitepaper, one of Scorum's pillars is advertising. And advertising is all about traffic, there will be no advertising if we don't have enough traffic. It's unfortunate that we don't reward activities that bring traffic to Scorum.

The key for every business to succeed is to reward activities that matter. And reward pool for pageviews will reward activities that matter to Scorum: marketing. Users will spread news about Scorum, share their Scorum blog to others without even asked. That's how social media works, and that's the best marketing tool for Scorum.

We don't want excellent writers come to Scorum only to find that their big names and expertise are useless, that millions of their audience on social media can't help them to get decent reward on the platform.

Every single thing that add value to the platform should be rewarded. That's the idea.


What would be the consequences if we implement reward pool for pageviews? Of course our SP will lose some of its power. We will lose part of our influence to reward posts. But that's necessary for the platform to succeed.

I dare to say that half of current reward pool should go to 'reward pool for pageviews'. It's okay that your SP loses half of its power but at the same time SCR price increases, let's say, 400%.

I strongly believe that rewarding activities that bring traffic to the platform will determine Scorum's success in the future.

What do you think of this? Let's discuss.