The first YouTube channel dedicated to the Scorum-Italia world is born. But not only that, there's more! Come with us to find out what we want to achieve for giving visibility and value to the Scorum platform.

Greetings to all the Scorum friends!

After presenting our WITNESS PROJECT to the Scorum community, in this post we are going to focus on one of the initiatives we launched a few days ago.

We are talking about...


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The idea was born when some of the users of the Italian group started to integrate videos, podcasts, tutorials, reviews and weekly fixed formats in their posts.

At that point, we thought:

Why not create an official YouTube channel in which making all the work converge?

We considered it could be a good opportunity, not only for producing more united and coordinated, but also for spreading news about Scorum and make the network known to as many people as possible.

And so, given that certainly we don't lack resourcefulness and enthusiasm, in a very short time a team that transformed this interesting project into reality was formed.

A quartet, to be precise.


Sorry for the quote that has little to do with the sports world, but these four guys are really fabulous.

Let's start with @frafiomatale, we can say that he is our John Lennon.

He was the first to bring the podcast idea into the community and he opened the current of the audio-video posts.

In his format Italyco Pallone, he talks about sports events, comments on the news and the curiosities of the day and tells us his point of view, always original.

In addition, he has already hosted some users in his program, giving rise to interesting and entertaining talk shows.

And that's not all. Together with our Paul McCartney @spiceboyz he set up the "Due Uomini e una Signora" (Two men and a Madam) series, in which the two guys talk about their greatest sporting passion: Juventus FC, known proper as The Madam or The Old Lady.

You can find the last episode here 👇

And the unstoppable @frafiomatale again has recently inaugurated a new series called "Non troppo sul serio" (Not too seriously), in which he shows the most fun sports meme and the most ironic and pungent football satire.

Then we pass to our @dexpartacus, which is the George Harrison of the situation.

He took care of creating the channel and presented it in a recent post on the .it domain.

He will also take a look at the profiles of the Italian users, underlining the most interesting contents.

And then he will perform a very important activity, producing some tutorials about Cryptocurrencies, giving information about Scorum and how to transfer funds to and from Hotbit exchange to those who still don't know these procedures.

He will also take care of highlighting BETSCORUM, an asset that can be really strategic for the acquisition of new users.

And he created the official Scorum-Italia account on Twitter and Facebook too.


A super job !! Really great @DEX

Last but not least, our Ringo Starr @voiceoff!

This user will take on a very difficult and very original challenge.

Soon, he will start with a series of videos in which he will give lessons and advice on the Chess game, one of his great passions.

He has already made some videos in which he shows and comments on his games (here you find the last one).

In this new series, he will explain tricks, techniques and moves in all the various game situations.

We are all very curious to see the results of his work.

Good luck!!

We will try to make the channel usable to all users, because we consider it a very important step.

At the moment, the videos are in Italian and the function of automatic subtitles is available.

We know that these are not always 100% accurate. But gradually we will try to implement this and other improvements as well.

The same goes for graphics, sound and effects.

We want to grow with you and, if you follow us, we will certainly become better, also thanks to your advice.

Thank you all for reading and do not forget to...

Image's property of scorum-italia - All Rights reserved