At the beginning, we would like to share some fresh good news with you — Scorum has reached more than 12,000 users. A great occasion to continue working on the improvement of the platform, adding new features and improving existing one.

Your News feed

Since the number of users and posts is growing quickly on Scorum, there is a need to keep improving navigation around the site. Therefore, we’ve included a new section on the main page right after the ‘Hot’ section — From my Network — a news feed just for you based on writers you follow. This will help sports writers to retain and increase their audience now the subscribers number will take on special significance.


Keeping the focus on follower engagement, the auto-follow innovation gives aspiring writers a great way to extend the reach of their content. It gives you all a little extra incentive to share your work outside of Scorum and let your posts bring in even more fans to our community.

How it works. Share a post you’ve written here on any social network like Facebook or Twitter. The person follows your link, reads the post, likes you as a writer, likes the look of Scorum, and, as a result, they register. After they complete registration, this new user will automatically become your follower. Consequently, they will not miss your latest posts, and you will get a loyal reader.

Share your posts in social networks, tell colleagues, fellow fans and friends about your blog on Scorum.

PRO Status

We are modifying the ranking system for active users and have removed the display of stars in front of usernames with 1000+ SP. The PRO mark will still be displayed on the profile page.

The team at Scorum HQ continues to improve the platform and right now is working on the next update. We think you’ll keep liking what you see here!