We are moving forward and would like to introduce important changes that will soon take place in Scorum.

Open Source:

The most significant announcement is that we plan to update our code in the GitHub repository by the end of next week. This means that each one of you will be able to track the development. At the moment, we are working on finalizing and providing detailed descriptions of several key project components. We adhere to the principles of openness and transparency, so all the code will be documented for a better understanding of its functionality and structure.

Testnet and Mainnet:

We have made the decision not to launch a Testnet, and instead, all necessary tests will be conducted by our team on the Devnet. This is due to several factors, including economic feasibility and more efficient resource utilization. Once the testing phase is complete, our intention is to initiate the Mainnet launch. The main idea is to simplify the process and remove any superfluous steps to expedite deployment.

Scorum (SCR) Swap on the New Blockchain:

To transfer your SCR from the current blockchain to the new one, a special bridge will be created. You will need to exchange your old SCR for new one through this bridge. Please note that the amount of old SCR transferred through the bridge will be burned on the old blockchain to maintain economic stability.

Near-Term Work Plan

  • The current work on Devnet:

We conduct initial tests and set up the environment for the subsequent development phases. Devnet enables us to ensure that everything operates smoothly and without any glitches.

  • Launching Mainnet + Bridge development + Migration of all transactions and Scorum Power (SP) logic to the new blockchain:

After successful testing on Devnet, we will commence the Mainnet launch. This is the final stage where our new blockchain becomes accessible to a wide audience. The main network will be fully functional and ready to process transactions.

Additionally, we will establish a bridge that facilitates the exchange of SCR between the old and new blockchains. We will carefully migrate all transactions from the current blockchain to the new network to ensure continuity and preserve our users' data.

SP is a crucial aspect of our ecosystem, and we will also transfer its functionality to the new blockchain.

What we recommend doing now:

Start converting SP into SCR so that later you can make the transfer of SCR to the new blockchain via a bridge. The option to transfer SP from the old blockchain to the new one will not be available.

We appreciate your support and are ready to share additional information as development progresses. Thank you for staying with us, and look forward to further updates!