It's time for another exciting update on our journey towards the new and improved Scorum blockchain. We've been hard at work, and we are here to share our latest progress with you.

Open Source Update:

We're all about transparency, and that's why we've updated our open-source code on GitHub. You can track the development by visiting our GitHub repository and get a deeper understanding of our project's functionality and structure.

Devnet is Live:

Development Network (Devnet) is now live and operational. This critical milestone allows us to conduct initial tests and establish a stable environment for further development phases. Devnet ensures that all systems operate smoothly and without any glitches, setting the foundation for a reliable Mainnet launch.

Preparations for Mainnet Launch:

Our primary focus right now is rigorous testing and preparing for the Mainnet launch. This step is crucial as the Mainnet will essentially function as our Devnet, so we want to ensure everything is rock solid.

Third-Party Wallet Selection:

To enhance user experience and security, we have carefully considered options for a third-party wallet to store the new blockchain coin. We are in the process of selecting between Keplr and Leap wallets, both of which are reputable and user-friendly.

Osmosis Listing:

After the successful migration to our new blockchain, SCR will be listed on Osmosis. This is an exciting step that opens up new opportunities for our community. This is just the beginning, and after this initial listing, we'll be exploring opportunities to list on other DEXs.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information.

Thank you for being a part of the Scorum community, and we look forward to a bright future ahead.