We are thrilled to share the latest progress on our journey towards the new and improved Scorum blockchain. Here's a comprehensive update on the ongoing developments:

Devnet Testing Progress:

Testing on Devnet has been progressing smoothly, with no critical bugs identified. This is a significant achievement, as it indicates the stability and robustness of our new blockchain's foundational components.

Bridge Testing and Mainnet:

We are actively testing the functionality of the bridge for exchanging SCR between the old and new blockchains. This includes comprehensive checks on validator performance and the seamless execution of basic operations. Our goal is to safeguard the interests of our community, ensuring that no coins are lost during the exchange process.

Token Emission:

We have decided on a fixed token emission of 30 million. This fixed supply is intended to provide clarity and stability, with no further increases planned.

SCR Exchange Process:

It's important to note that when exchanging SCR from the old blockchain to the new one through the bridge, the SCR on the old blockchain will be burned. This ensures the economic stability of the transition.

Osmosis Listing Details:

As was mentioned in the last update, SCR will be listed on Osmosis. The initial trading pair will be SCR-ATOM, with additional pairs set to be added in subsequent phases.

Expansion of Wallet Support:

We are committed to offering a seamless user experience, and to achieve this, we are actively working to integrate with reputable wallets. Our initial connections will include the Leap wallet, followed by integration with Keplr, enhancing accessibility for our community.

Upcoming Steps:

Our focus now pivots to the crucial phase of extensive testing and deployment in the new environment. Successful completion of these tests will lead to a fairly rapid transition to the Mainnet.

We appreciate your continued support and patience throughout this journey. The meticulous testing and preparation are essential to guarantee a successful Mainnet launch.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Scorum community!