Gambling leisure on the Internet is no longer an innovation. Over the past few years, this area has been developing strongly, and players are only interested in fair games. Fair play implies the same conditions for the player, who constantly wants to be sure of the genuineness and honesty of the game provider, and for the provider itself. The gaming community has a “provably fair” system that allows the player to check each result and make sure that the bet is calculated correctly.

What is “provably fair” and is it really necessary these days?

Usually this method consists in the fact that players receive a certain key at the start of the game that can be used later to check the results through a special algorithm. If the players were given the unhashed serverseed, then the result of the game could be known in advance, which is not a fair playing. Also, at the end of the game session, the player receives the game result hashed seed. At first glance, it will seem like just a chaotic set of numbers and letters. But he Provably Fair algorithm allows you to use this code to get a certain game result. If checking the code gives the same result as the game round, this will mean that the game works without catches.

Thus, in order to check the fairness of the game using Provably fair, the player will need several values:

  • Player seeds are a set of numbers that the client sets (or it is set randomly);
  • Servers seed is a sequence of characters generated by the server;
  • Round result seed is set after the end of the round.

How Provable fairness will work in Aviatrix?

The result of each round (Game's "Fly away" multiplier) is not generated on our servers. It's generated with help of round players and is fully transparent. This way, it's impossible for anyone to manipulate game output. Also, anyone can check and confirm game fairness.

You can check fairness of each round by clicking on the completed flight. 

In opened window, you will see server seed, 3 pair of players seeds, combined hash and round result.

Correctness of hash can be checked in any online calculator, for example:

Hashed version of next rounds server seed is available publicly in settings window. 

You can also change your client seed here. Also, each player has his own seed, that he can set manually or randomly. If a player is among the first 3 players who place bets in a round, then his seed will affect the round output.

Why does a hashed serverseeds match mean fair game?

If the slightest change is made, then the hash seed changes. Thus, if one hash seed was set at the beginning of the round, and when you entered data to check on any of the resources and received a different hash seed, then some changes were made. That is, the game was unfair and the result of the round is not what it should have been.

Have you heard about Provable fairness before? How important do you think this is in modern gaming industry?