Recently, the field of games has been expanding rapidly and the relationship between the player and the game creator is changing. One of the new business models is the concept of Play-to-Earn games. As a rule, blockchain and NFT technologies are used in games of this kind.

P2E games, one of GameFi's focus areas, are a new real way for players to generate income, usually with a low initial barrier to entry and huge earning potential. In this way, developers reward players for putting time and effort into the game. The main advantage of P2E games is that the player always creates some value, from creating a game object to receiving rewards for active play.

A feature of Aviatrix is the opportunity to participate in the distribution of the pool of rewards. The plane has accumulated experience (AP), which corresponds to the total flight time (turnover) of the player. Experience is added to the AP gained by the plane at the time of generation. Plane experience is assigned to the NFT and transferred from one owner to another. The power of the plane does not affect the chances of surviving the flight or flying more than others. Inside the flight, all planes are equal. But the power of the plane affects the user's ability to receive income from the pool formed from the GGR of the game.

The distribution of pool rewards takes place every 24 hours at 19:00 UTC and is based on a daily tournament system. All planes that have made at least one bet in the previous 24 hours participate in the lottery.

Thus, to participate in the daily tournament, the player must meet the following requirements:

  • a player needs to make at least one bet in the previous 24 hours;

  • a player mustn't have active awards (which they did not take).

The countdown of live time until the next payout will be displayed in the «‎‎rewards» tab. After the expiration of this time, the distribution of the pool of rewards will take place.

When the reward pool is distributed, 25% of all participants will become the winners of the daily tournament. The probability of being among the 25% of winners will depend on the amount of bets made by the player in the previous 24 hours. The larger the amount, the higher your chances of getting into the number of those among which the pool will be distributed.

After that, a pool of liquidity will be distributed among the winners of the daily tournament. The reward at this stage will be distributed in proportion to the sum of the accumulated experience (AP) for the entire time. The more experience, the greater the reward from the pool the player receives.

After the reward is distributed, an active button «‎‎take reward» will appear in the «‎‎rewards» tab in order to pick up the reward. Also, this tab will display the winners of the last distribution of the reward pool.

Don't forget to withdraw your income before the next distribution, because if you have an active reward, then you stop participating in subsequent distributions.

The Play-to-Earn concept is an innovation in the world of the blockchain industry that has the potential to revolutionize the gaming economy. Traditionally, games are not known for giving the user with monetary rewards for gameplay. Perhaps it is also difficult for people to believe that it's possible to make money through games, but it's not just possible, it's already real and these games are conquering the world's tops.