The development of the bridge has already been completed and it will be released with a switching the blockchain.

Wondering how you will be able to use it?

Coin Exchange: The user will be given the opportunity to exchange a coin in the old one for a coin in the new one. The exchange will take place through a service called Bridge, which can be found on the website

How to Get Started: To interact with it, you will need to go to Wallet and go through authorization. After which a section will open through which the user can get to the bridge functionality.

Connecting Your Wallet: The system will automatically connect your current wallet address. The user will need to enter the address of the wallet to which the exchange needs to be made. In the transfer window, a full guide will be provided on how to connect the wallet and connect a new account to it.

The mechanism of the transfer is quite simple: the amount requested by the user will be burned in the old network, and in the new network, in turn, the corresponding amount of coins will be transferred to the user’s address (no additional emission).

Once the transaction is confirmed, the exchange will be completed in a short time.

Now, let's dive into some common questions we've gathered to make sure you're fully in the loop:

1. How exactly is the team ensuring the security and integrity of the SCR exchange process during the transition between the old and new blockchains? Could you elaborate on the comprehensive checks being performed on validator performance for the bridge, and what measures are in place to prevent potential issues?

The security and integrity of the SCR exchange process during the transition between the old and new blockchains are rigorously ensured through thorough testing and validation procedures. The team conducts numerous tests on the Devnet, repeating the transfer process multiple times to identify and rectify any potential issues.

Comprehensive mechanisms have been developed to prevent errors in the exchange process. Specifically, the translation for users in the interface involves the automatic substitution of source and input addresses of wallets, eliminating the potential for human error.

2. My understanding is the SCR that is sent across the bridge will be deposited into a Cosmos wallet starting with the "Leap" wallet. Thus there will not be a web wallet associated with the new blockchain. Is this statement correct?

At this stage, we will utilize top wallets as they come with a set of parameters for usability and security, providing a robust starting point for our operations.

a) If this statement is correct then will we still be able to power up to SP, or is that a feature that will be added later?

This will all be transferred to the Cosmos blockchain.

Currently, the SP conversion functionality is in a state of readiness and has been tested. Presently, our focus is on creating an interface for this feature.

b) Will there be other opportunities to stake our SCR on Cosmos other that on our native blockchain?

Yes, there will be opportunities for staking. As we transition to Cosmos, where the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) is widely used, users will have the flexibility to stake or transfer their SCR to other networks within Cosmos for staking or utilizing additional functionalities. Importantly, the transfer of SCR to other networks within Cosmos is conducted without incurring any fees.

4. Will there be any use cases for SCR on the new blockchain other than playing Aviatrix before the blogging and sports betting apps are transitioned to Cosmos SDK?

At present, our primary focus is on the development and enhancement of Aviatrix. Following the completion and optimization of Aviatrix, we will subsequently initiate the transfer of other components of the ecosystem.

5. As the rate of members powering down their SP and swapping for it the new SCR increases, wouldn't this put a sell pressure on the price of SCR when relisted hence a major concern?

Our main objective is to facilitate the smooth transfer of the coin to a new network where trading using the coin is possible. We believe that creating a robust ecosystem and providing valuable use cases for SCR will contribute positively to its overall market dynamics.

6. Is the team releasing the whole 30m SCR to the market at once for trading or in bits?

The entire 30 million SCR will be released at once for trading.

7. What are the plans to keep as many SCR as possible out of circulation aside just staking?

The primary focus here will be on staking. More detailed information on this strategy will be provided at a later time.

8. Since there are no more newsletters sent to Scorum members via mail to keep them updated about activities or developments, what are the plans to reach out to old members that have given up, abandoned and are completely unaware of the latest developments, implementations and transformation on Scorum?

We have plans to make mailing lists for old participants.

Thanks for your questions. Exciting times ahead, Scorum fam!