Starting this year, we can officially say that Scorum is the BEST STARTUP by HackerNoon 2021!

But let's look a little deeper and find out some interesting facts about our company.

10 facts about Scorum:

1️⃣ Scorum is a growing IT product company.

2️⃣ Our company was founded in August 2017.

3️⃣ We develop AI powered high-load B2B products.

4️⃣ Our company employs people from different countries (so to speak, from all over the world 🌍).

5️⃣ Today we have 70 talents: 18 women and 52 men.

6️⃣ We work remotely and from the office.

7️⃣ Based on points 5 and 6, most of our corporate events take place online 💻..

8️⃣ 80% of our team are senior specialists.

9️⃣ We have 7 key projects.

🔟 Our 2021 eNPS is 88%.

Our company brings together highly qualified specialists in all necessary areas in order to end up with our products that are competitive in the market and are user-friendly. You can read more about all of our products on our LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our work is based on 6 values:

  1. Stay flexible 🤸
  2. Speak honestly 🗣
  3. Increase expertise 📈
  4. Emit kindness 🫂
  5. Play smart 🚀
  6. Seize opportunity 🧑‍💻

Scorum is not only about games and bets, it is a big friendly community where everybody can find help and support.