The fourth update to Scorum brings the community many features that will improve the content quality and user experience for everyone. Have a look and see what our dev team and designers have been up to here at Scorum HQ.

Obligatory uniqueness check

Many members of our writer community have dutifully been flagging plagiarized content in order to properly reward original content creators. Our team has created a solution that will quash the problem of plagiarism so everyone can focus more time on creating and curating the best posts. We are piloting this as a beta solution and are open to your feedback over the next few weeks. Now after pressing “Publish,” an automatic web scan will check the content of each post for authenticity.

Rewards for the post will be reduced according to the percentage of uniqueness. For example, if the article is 60% unique — all votes will be downgraded with a 0.6 coefficient. Articles that are 80-100% unique are considered original content and will receive the full sum.

Everyone on the platform can see the results of your article check in a popup under the post.

Flag system improvement

Flags are one instrument for the community to shape and improve the platform so we will continue to optimize them. With this update, the flagger can select the percentage of his flag and add a comment for content creator. This allows everyone, writer included, to see the reason why the post was flagged. The aim is to let writers better understand their mistakes in order to avoid them in the future.

Scorum category on the main page

Our community creates a lot of useful content about Scorum so we’ve decided to give it special home on the main page. Now those who are interested in reading more about Scorum can quickly find some interesting posts as well. This will also appeal to readers who want and expect to see sports-related content featured prominently on the home page.

Comments section update

Many readers on Scorum prefer to comment more than creating posts. For your comfort we continue to improve the comments section and now you can edit and delete your comments. You can edit your comment till the payout time, while deleting it is only available if nobody has upvoted it our replied to it yet.

Domains list menu

Take a look at the Scorum logo in the upper left corner. Where it once said ‘beta’, you will now see the domain you are browsing in. Click the arrow to quickly switch to another domain from the dropdown menu.

Profile updates

This update adds more information to everyone’s profile page. Now when you look at a profile, you will see a rewards tab so that you can quickly track how much SP you’ve earned for each post and curation (comments and votes).

Editorial tools

We’ve added new features such as divider and font style for subtitle to the editorial toolbar. You can find new text style using smaller “T” formatting. Also, after publishing a post, the system will automatically delete extra spaces and paragraph from the text, making it even more attractive to readers.