There are a lot of talkings about NFTs nowadays, but not everyone understands what it means. We should also point out the fact that our upcoming P2E game Aviatrix is based on the Play-To-Earn (P2E) mechanics with the use of personal NFT tokens by each user. Since this is an essential part of the game, let's find out what the hell are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token.

"Non-fungible" means it's unique and irreplaceable. A lil' example to explain this:

For example, money is fungible because if someone gave you $5 and you gave him $5, you would have the same thing: $5. But the painting the mp3 file with the song Pink Floyd can hardly be replaced by a recording of the Drake concert.

Thus, each NFT is unique and exists in a single copy and all information about the author, buyers and all transactions are securely stored in the blockchain. With the help of NFT, you can sell almost any virtual object - images, music, texts, 3D models. But most often we are talking about objects of digital arts.

And what about the record NFT sale?

A JPG file consisting of all the images that the artist painted every day for five thousand days sold for $69.3 million. This NFT called "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" was created by artist Mike Winkelmann (known as Beeple) and it was the first NFT work sold in the history of Christie's auction house. The pixelated image consists of rows of miniature illustrations that represent 5,000 days of Winckelmann's practice in computer arts. Granted, anyone can see the picture online now, but only one person has proof of the original file.

The work "Everydays: The First 5000 Days," by Beeple, has sold for $69 million at Christie's:

What will be NFTs in our upcoming Aviatrix?

The game is based on the Play-To-Earn (P2E) mechanics using NFT planes, when the user's game object (plane) develops depending on the experience gained and makes a profit from the pool formed from the GGR of the game depending on place in the rating. The plane is generated by any owner of the Scorum blockchain wallet. The user can generate multiple planes if there are enough SP in the wallet. Users will be able to sell and buy planes in the marketplace based on the Scorum-blockchain.

What will make a plane unique?

  • name;
  • color of a plane;
  • accumulated experience.

Thus, NFT stores such important components of digital items as authorship, item origin, transaction history and etc. At the same time, the purchase of a token means that you are the owner of the NFT and this is recorded in the blockchain, but, for example, the picture can be available online even after the purchase. The market for non-fungible tokens is developing extremely fast, and blockchain technology and infrastructure have undergone significant changes over the past few years. So it remains only to see what happens next.