Game-Fi industry has been demonstrating steady growth for many years. The reason for this is the widespread digitalization and the spread of smartphones and the Internet, which leads to the emergence of an increasing number of new players. With the development of the NFT theme, attention has also been drawn to its implementation in games. Developers are introducing NFT into traditional games as an add-on or creating new ones.

Games with the introduction of NFT are a new stage for the development of the industry. Starting from 2020, a rapid growth in the development of e-sports activities began, which ultimately led to the rapid development of this area. Since they form a new class of games that are not only entertainment, but an investment and offer an opportunity to earn.

In this post, we have already written about what NFTs are. In games, NFTs are used in certain rules, and not just stored in a wallet.

Games with NFT and Play-to-Earn model give you an opportunity to get a reward for the time spent in the game. The longer the user plays, the more rewards he can receive. In-game NFTs are another way to get income from games. The player creates NFT items in order to play the game. Traditional way to make money on NFT games is to sell in-game NFTs, while the value of collectible items may depend on their appearance, rarity or usefulness.

How is NFT implemented in the gaming environment?

In order for NFTs to be bought/sold, created and used in the game, developers create smart contracts with the rules for using such tokens. Smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code stored in the blockchain.

For example, in our new game Aviatrix NFTs will be planes. The main feature is the ability to sell your NFTs to other players. In addition to this, NFT planes will store experience, that can increase the player's chance to receive a reward from the pool. You can read about Aviatrix reward pool in this post.

In addition to this, a unique application of NFT is the ability to use the same token in different games. That is, if you have NFT in the game from developer A1, then with the agreement of the developers, you can use your NFT for the game from developer B1.

Thus, the sphere will still get many changes and open up new opportunities, so the relevance and interest in NFT games will only grow. Many games create communities that bring together people with similar interests, and joining them is also important for gamers. At the same time, players may have different interests: for some, the gaming benefits of NFTs are important, while others are more interested in their rarity in the game and collection value. The Game-Fi industry introduces a new concept for making money with games: not only luck and collecting, but also gameplay is now important for making a profit.