We also should know that every thing has some advantage and disadvantages.SCR price is very low now.Though it has some disadvantages.But this low price of SCR has a great advantage.Because now if you want to become a whale in Scorum then you can easily become a whale with low amount of money.Becuase the Price of SCR coin is very low now.

We also should know that there are 30k+ users in Scorum.But we don't have so much whale in Scorum.Because to become a whale you must powered up your account with huge SCR.So, you have to buy huge SCR to become a whale on Scorum.Also to buy huge SCR you must need money.Not only money you need a lot of money.Because the SCR coin price was not so low.The highest price of SCR is 0.47$ per coin.So, if any one want to become a whale then he have to spend many $.May be you can think that if you buy SCR on the ico period then you can easily become a whale now.Really,if you thought that then you are absolutely wrong.Because the ico Price of SCR coin was 1$.But now the SCR price is 0.091$.That is very low price.Also this is great time to become a whale now.

It's looks like SCR coin says 》

Hey everyone!
You want to become a whale?But you can't becuse of money.So, i am giving you a chance to become a whale now.Because now i am available with very low price.So, Buy huge SCR with low amount of money and become a whale now.

Let's see the Calculations :

Suppose, You need 100k SCR Power to Become A Whale.See below :

In the Ico Period 》

Price : 1$ Per SCR

So, 100k×1=100k$ to become a whale

After The Ico Period 》

Price : 0.47$ Per SCR

So, 100k×0.47=47k$ to become a whale

Now, In the Current Time 》

Price : 0.091$ Per SCR

So, 100k×0.091=9.1k$ to become a whale

As you can see in the current time you can become a whale with 9.1k$ only.I know that the amount of money is not so small to become a whale.But if you compare with the Ico and After Ico price then you can realize that you need a very low amount of money to become a whale now.

So, if you want to take the advantages of low price of SCR then you must have to buy SCR.If you powered up with your SCR or keep liquid SCR it's depends on you.But you must have to SCR at low price.But if you powered up and become a whale now then it will be more profitable.Because when you are a whale you can make some great post and self-voted on those post to get a huge reward.Also if you do curation daily then you also get a higher curation reward.That will double your profit when SCR price will be high.On the other hand if you keep liquid SCR then you will get profit when SCR price will be high.But if you are a whale then you can get profit every day whatever SCR price is low or high.So,you can become a whale with low money and get huge profits just for the SCR price is low.

Also we should know Scorum Betting is coming soon.Scorum Bet os now on testing mode.So, if you want bet on Scorum Betting exchange then you must need SCR.So,if you buy some SCR now with low price then you can earn hige profit when Scorum Betting Exchange will available.

So,take the low price as advantage.Also don't waste your time.Because if you have money and you want to become a whale then it's the best time for you.