Price is a very important thing for coin.Also this is the most valuable thing for coin.Price for coin is not fixed.Price can be change anytime at any moment.Sometimes Price is increasing very rapidly.Also sometimes Price is decreasing very rapidly.That is very good gor us when Price is increasing.Also that is worst for us when Price is decreasing.So, Price has some increasing and decreasing effect.

SCR is not exceptional.SCR also is a coin.SCR can be increase or decrease any time at any moment.So, SCR also has some increasing and decreasing effect.Let's see the increasing and decreasing effect of SCR.

Increasing Effect Of SCR 》

When SCR Price will be increasing then people will came here to join SCORUM.It means high Price of SCR will attract people to join on SCORUM.Because people's want to earn money.If SCR Price will be high then they can earn huge money.I can surely say this it will be happen.Because we should know about the another blockchain based blogging platform steemit.When Steem Dollars Price was 15$ then most of the user joined steemit on that time.Also on that time steemit get so many active users and investors.So, increasing Price of SCR means increasing user on SCORUM it's guaranteed.Also when SCR price will be increasing then user will be more active on SCORUM.User will busy to post on SCORUM.Also SCORUM will get so many investor.So, SCR increasing effect is very good for SCORUM.

Decreasing Effect Of SCR 》

When SCR Price is decreasing then so much people will not came here to SCORUM.Because low Price of SCR can't attract so much people to join on SCORUM.The reason is people don't earn huge money when the Price of SCR is low.Let's see the another example from STEEMIT.We already know that most of the user of steemit are joined when steem dollars price is increasing.But the current time when steem Dollars is decreased at low price then user are not interested to join on steemit.So, it's clear that steemit don't get so much new users due to low price of Steem Dollars.Also steemit don't get so much active users.

We should know that recently SCR Price has been decreased.The decreased rate is -58.45% in a week.We already saw the effect of low Price of SCR.We don't get so many new users.Also the posting rate on SCORUM is very low.

How i know this?

You should know that i am a curator at Scorum.We have a group where many user share their posts to get support from us.When the SCR Price was 0.20+ $ then i have curated 8-9 posts per day from my group.But now a days i have curated 1-2 posts per day from the group.Because they are not posting regularly.I can surely say this they will start posting when SCR price will be start increasing.

So, You should realize that how the SCORUM is effected by the low price of SCR.The decreasing effect of SCR is very bad for SCORUM.We can expect that SCR Price will be increase soon.