We should know about the user @williams.He is the big whale in Scorum.He has over 500k SP.Now a days he has doing something wrong in SCORUM that he not should be do.

Let's see what @williams doing now :

We should know that SCORUM is a sports based blogging platform.User get paid for their post,vote and comments.But the post and comments should have a minimum quality to get reward from Scorum.Also we should vote on those post which are really deserve some reward.

Recently @williams posted a post in Scorum.The post title was "Something Is Wrong Here".On that post @williams just posted a link and announced a 100$ prize.Also @williams voted on his post and the post was rewarded with over 500$.Also there are some users who are voted and commented on that post.Also on that post some general comments get a huge reward which has given by @williams.

Some Mistakes By @williams :

1.Posted a shit post

2.Rewarded the shit post over 500$

3.Rewarded some general comments

So, these mistakes are done by @williams which is not allowed in SCORUM.

Let's see what @williams should do :

Right and Wrong both are done by Man.Though @williams already done a wrong thing but he has lot of right things to do in Scorum.Such as :

1.If @williams want to get some reward by posting posts in Scorum then he absolutely can.Just he have to post some quality posts avoid posting shit posts.

2.If @williams want to get reward by self-voting then he can also do that.Because self-voting is allowed in Scorum.But he have to make quality posts to self-voting on his post.But he can't self-voting on his shit posts.

3.If @williams want to make contest in Scorum then he can defenitely do that.But you have to make Sports and Scorum related contest.

4.If @williams to vote for posts in Scorum then he can surely do that.But he have to vote on those post which are really deserve some reward.For doing this we will get some reward for him and he also get some curation reward.

5.If @williams want to vote for comments then can also do that.Because comment voting is allowed in Scorum.But he have to vote on those comments which are really great.Also he have to avoid voting on those comments which are not deserve any reward.

@williams i don't ordered you to do that.These are my advise for you.In your profile you said that "Have the best interests of scorum at heart".We also have the best interests of Scorum at heart.That's why here is advise for you.Please do that and make Scorum best with us.