The fourth update to Scorum brings the community several options that may improve the content quality and user expertise for everybody. Have a glance and see what our dev team and designers are up to here at Scorum military installation.

1.Obligatory individuality check

Many members of our author community have dutifully been tired derived content so as to properly reward original content creators. Our team has created thuslution|an answer} that may quash the matter of plagiarism so everybody will focus longer on making and curating the simplest posts. we tend to square measure piloting this as a beta resolution and square measure receptive your feedback over subsequent few weeks. currently once pressing “Publish,” associate degree automatic internet scan can check the content of every post for legitimacy.

Rewards for the post are going to be reduced in step with the proportion of individuality. for instance, if the article is hr distinctive — all votes are going to be downgraded with a zero.6 constant. Articles that square measure 80-100% distinctive square measure thought of original content and can receive the complete total.

Everyone on the platform will see the results of your article sign on a popup beneath the post.

2. Flag system improvement

Flags square measure one instrument for the community to form and improve the platform thus we are going to still optimize them. With this update, the flagger will choose the proportion of his flag and add a comment for content creator. this enables everybody, author enclosed, to examine the rationale why the post was flagged. The aim is to let writers higher perceive their mistakes so as to avoid them within the future.

3. Scorum class on the most page

Our community creates tons of helpful content concerning Scorum thus we’ve set to offer it special home on the most page. currently people who have an interest in reading additional concerning Scorum will quickly realize some fascinating posts in addition. this can additionally attractiveness to readers World Health Organization need and expect to examine sports-related content featured conspicuously on the house page.

4. Comments section update

Many readers on Scorum like better to comment over making posts. For your comfort we tend to still improve the comments section and currently you'll be able to edit and delete your comments. you'll be able to edit your comment until the payout time, whereas deleting it's solely obtainable if no one has upvoted it our replied thereto nonetheless.

5 Profile updates

This update adds additional data to everyone’s profile page. currently after you explore a profile, you'll see a rewards tab in order that you'll be able to quickly track what quantity SP you’ve attained for every post and curation (comments and votes).

6. Editorial tools

We’ve superimposed new options like divider and font vogue for subtitle to the editorial toolbar. you'll be able to realize new text vogue victimization smaller “T” format. Also, once publication a post, the system can mechanically delete further areas and paragraph from the text, creating it even additional enticing to readers.