Hello Scorum

I hope everyone is enjoying the recent crypto ride, and hopefully everyone has buckled up as well because it will be rough and bumpy from now one. New and old winners on one side but some surprised losers on the other. Where will we stay? Nobody can tell yet but everything can be possible even though if we only bet on Scorum Coin we need nerves made of steel. Everyone who has been here since 2018 has been through some valley of tears already so not much can us shock and surprise anymore. I really hope the new wind in the crypto world will blow some new users to Scorum as well, some people who honestly take on the challenge of proving some value for others and who want to commit themselves for longer than just a blink of an eye. We do have a welcoming community, slowly growing and ready to go the whole way. So come and join us!!

Let's get back to the nominations. I always come up with the same, very simple question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a week?

We got one solid nomination and therefore a clear winner this week.

Congrats to @sullijay1