Hello Scorum

Another month is going to be over very soon, and we are going to head toward some pretty interesting times I reckon. Lot of things are in turmoil, important changes seem to await us in quite some different fields and hopefully the crypto market will continue what it has started this year. The signs are positive and if we consider how governments around the globe have been spending money like crazy, I wouldn't be surprised if more investors start looking for a safe and different haven. What would it take if they were coming into crypto and found our beloved and dreaded Scorum Coin and pushed it beyond its limit. Dreaming is still allowed and highly appreciated, so please join me in there.


Let's get back to the nominations. I always come up with the same, very simple question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a week?

We got one solid nomination this week, thanks go out to tosyne2much for staying with us in these stormy time. Even though our candidate isn't a new writer I think he still deserves some more recognition.

Therefor, congrats go out o @zeal!