Hello Scorum

this morning I saw the @vlad's last post and I got very excited. He was announcing the new partnership between Hive and Scorum, and I am feeling that this is exactly the news we are waiting for. With this partnership Hive and Scorum users will be able to link their accounts and wallets and share articles on both platform. And also to receive post rewards in both wallets.

And the plans for the future sound even more promising. If things go well they want to bring the Scorum NFT games to the Hive blockchain as well and even form a joint betting exchange.

I was then checking out @acidyo's post on Hive, he evens mentions that they are building a token bridge on Hive Engine to get SCR tradable on Hive. In this way people will be able to buy, sell and trade all the Hive Engine coins against the SCR and vice versa.

Wow, I really feel we are moving into the right direction. If that works Scorum should finally get the attention it needs and deserves, and hopefully we will get some more momentum to keep things going and improving.

I have been active on Hive for a while and I would love to combine both accounts and cross-post some articles sometimes.

Please check out both article which I mentioned above to get a better idea about the possibilities that come close to our reach now.

And here is my latest Hive article where I am shouting out the news to the world as well.

Yes, I am excited and I want to show it. Even though I know that things are not done yet and lot of work has still to be done.

Have a great weekend everyone and catch you soon!

Love and Respect !