It seem Hotbit.io is back and the other websites too. Quite a strange thing if you ask me, as if someone had tried to take down websites which provide a certain content. As I wrote earlier, I didn't have any problems accessing websites like Facebook, or major news websites, just certain pages which provide data or information about cryptocurrencies, including a coin exchange were down. Also Steemit, which is kinda a place where crypto fans like to hang out, was out of order.

I don't really have any clue at all what is behind it, it just seems kinds suspicious.

And pretty funny I didn't have any problems getting onto Scorum. Maybe it is just not important enough to be a attacked as well. Not sure if I should cry or laugh now....


Looks like there is something fishy going on right now

I was just going to check out Hotbit.io to see how our beloved Scorum is doing, an than I got this frickin error message you can see here. Sure my first thought was like..

WOW.. now they have hacked this shit hole too.

But then I went further and discovered there are quite some websites down right now. So far I have noticed problems with the following services as well.




discord !!

Funny these are all crypto related websited, and all other major sites seem to be ok. Not sure what to think about it, something smells fishy to me though!

I gonna see if I come across some more problems and let you know later!

Happy surfing Scorum crew!