Hello Scorum

After some weeks I wanted to lock into my Hotbit account again, but unfortunately I was met by an error message telling me that "The phone number format is wrong"

I have been trying to lock using different ways, PC and smartphone, and also from the app. But I always get the same error message.

I was able to lock in some weeks before, but now there seems to be no way to get to my account.

Of course I also send a ticket to the hotbit support, but haven't got any response yet. I found some people talking about that problem on Reddit, but they also didn't find any way to solve the problem.

So this call goes out to the Scorum community. Did anyone here experience the same issue and maybe has some idea how to solve it? Hopefully the power of our community will find a solution to this problem.

I am looking forward to any ideas and suggestions and I hope you won't have the same problem.

Love and Respect !