I don't necessarily expect this article to meet with your full approval, but nevertheless I would like to express a few things which have been in my mind recently.

And don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be here and don't regret having signed up on Scorum in October and the positive things outweigh the negative ones by far for me.

And that's exactly why I am just raising some questions and giving you some of my thoughts, without delivering you a complete and fixed answer. I'd like to use this article to encourage some discussions and maybe also some reflection at the end of this turbulent year 2018.

  1. What kind of articles do you want to see on Scorum?

A very important question for me that everyone might want to answer for themselves. Scorum has started as a blogging platform for everything related to sports, but somehow the focus of the articles seems to have shifted a bit in recent weeks.

Since Scorumbet was launched, the Hot and Trending pages are now mostly filled with articles dealing with sports betting. On the one hand there are posts with some useful instructions for the Scorum betting platform, and on the other hand there we can find articles about betting predictions or just the personal betting results of the last week.

Of course all this has its place here at Scorum, but such articles often seem to be disproportionately successful.

And articles that "only" revolve around sports recently disappear unread and overlooked in the big Scorum nirvana.

2. Is there too much sports on Scorum?

I am still thinking that Scorum was designed to be a sports blogging platform but there are moments when I have the feeling that many people here are already fed up and that they might believe that there are already too many articles about sports here at Scorum and especially about football.

Sometimes it seems to me that the interest in sports news at Scorum is sometimes only pretended. Of course we should all be honest and admit that there are already countless other websites where we can get sport news from. And most of the time even more up to date and informative than the articles we are posting.

So maybe there isn't such a big demand for sports here at Scorum, as we keep telling ourselves. Or at least not for reading about sports.

And now above all the question arises:

3. Who should read all those articles?

Most users here at Scorum write their own articles, some of which are very entertaining, informative and of high quality. But who should read all this at the end of the day?

Ultimately it might be exactly the same as with Scorum's big brother, from whom we try to distance ourselves at any given chance. There are too many bloggers and too few readers for all the countless daily postings. And that inevitably means that the big part of the posts, if not the majority, will not reach their target. In other words, these posts do not find a readership and are lost in the vast number of articles.

And those who now start saying that quality will prevail have probably not yet fully understood the game. Of course we will find examples where unknown bloggers will make a name for themselves after writing good articles and ultimately also earn a decent post reward.

However writing good articles and putting in a lot of time doesn't assure at all that your post is becoming successful.

Much more important is to have the right connections. It is the same as in private life and in the "real" business world. Nothing works without links, and those who can sell themselves best are the most successful in the end. Whether you really deliver quality or not often doesn't matter anymore.

Well, unfortunately I didn't make it into any (online) circle, neither on Steemit nor on Scorum. Therefor I still have those days when my articles go deep below everybody's radar and manage to avoid causing any attention. But fortunately there are also some days when my posts seems to attract quite a few readers, which always encourages me to continue working on myself and the next post.

4. But how attractive is Scorum actually and do newcomers really have a chance to make it big?

And I can really imagine that users with less SP than me will often have even bigger problems. Especially if they have just registered and are writing their first articles, it can easily happen that even after a week those posts are still floating almost unread in the depths of the Scorum platform.

Because already after 12 hours it becomes difficult for all those articles, which are not on the Hot or Trending sides, to attract attention and to reach a readership. And once 24 hours have passed, many users start posting the next article. The flood of post is just gigantic and will continue to grow, as more and more people will try themselves here at Scorum.

Eventually it might become the same as on Steemit, where most users and articles are just get lost in the the big sea of daily contributions.

5. What makes for a successful post?

That's probably a question that everyone here at Scorum will and must answer individually.

First of all I want to be completely open and honest. If the post reward for my articles jumps steeply upwards, I am naturally also quite easily tempted to say that I have written a successful article. Financial reward might be the biggest incentive. Probably many other users will see that similarly, even if most of us naturally do not want to admit this so openly.

And I appreciate it very much, if someone takes the time to tell me his or her opinion about the topic I was writing about. So aside getting big upvotes I am also very happy about serious comments and also about constructive criticism, because I can see someone is actually reading my articles.

And wouldn't it also be nice if our article could encourage other users to have a lively discussion and a fair and open exchange of opinions and information?

Some of my recent thoughts might be a bit controversial and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. At the end Scorum will be what we make of it, so the whole story hasn't been written yet.

However everybody is invited to leave their opinion in the comment section, I am genuinely looking forward to hearing from you!

Love and Respect !