And the decision is made!

I just closed the first nomination Scorum Patronage nomination round in 2019 and at the beginning I want to say thank you to everyone who joined and suggested some other Scorum writer who needs some support.

As I wrote earlier I will continue what I have started and this year too, I will again assist one Scorum user for a whole week and visit their blog daily and upvote one post every day. I will use 100% of my voting power, unless I have the feeling the post might not deserve such a big upvote because I want to encourage everyone to stick to the quality standards we would like to see here at Scorum.

The plan behind Scorum Patronage is to support and upvoye writers to help them to get their posts noticed by the Scorum community. We all have experienced how tough blogging can be, therefor it is essential to stay motivated. That's why I will visit, read and comment all posts of the "choice of the community" for the next seven days. And after that week, I'm also going to write an article where I will introduce that certain writer, what hopefully helps to shed some more light on their work

You can find this round's announcement by following this link:

Let's get back to the nominations. Every week I keep asking you the following question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a week?

This week we had 4 nominations for 4 different writers, but not everyone clearly met the requirements to win a week of Scorum Patronage support. Therefor I decided this round's winner who was nominated by @rougebot. As I wrote before, he will get a 100% upvote from me, since he was the one who nominated this week's winner First !

So for this week, @franz54 it is - Congratulation !

@franz54 is from Venezuela and seems to be much into Motorsports. He is writing in English and Spanish, but since I can't understand the latter one I will only read and upvote the articles he writes in English, or if he wants and feels like he can write in German too ;)

Iwill start upvoting from tomorrow and also leave him some comment telling him that he will be assisted by Scorum Patronage this week.

Again I am looking forward to widen my horizon and to some interesting reads. I guess there will be something new for me to learn and discover this week too.

This first Scorum Patronage round of 2019 was again running low on nominations. However this will not stop me from sticking to what I have started and from supporting users who are struggling getting the deserved attention for their blog posts. But of course I hope the next round will see more people showing up and more interesting names popping up in the comments.

To catch up leave me some comment or visit me in the Scorum Patronage channels which I am running on the "I am Scorum" Discord server. Just stop by and and say "Hi". You can also find the latest announcements and the profiles of all the former beneficiaries. Feel free to make this place were people share ideas about how to help other community members grow and how to make the Scorum platform a huge success.

Let's not forget, blogging here on Scorum is not only for getting a fat upvote. Interaction and some genuine comment under one of our articles can be some really motivating and stimulating feedback as well.

Because...Isn't the reason for writing to be read?