And the decision is made!

Another week has started and again I am ready to announce the winner of this week's Scorum Patronage. Again it wasn't an easy decision, I will come back back to this later.

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who joined this nomination round and also to all the people who upvoted my last article for more visibility.

This week too, I was planning on assisting one writer for a whole seven days and visit his or her blog to read and upvote one post daily. I am planning on using 50 to 100% of my voting power, according to length and quality of each article. However, I reserve myself the right to lower my vote if I feel a post is not making it up to the quality standards we would like to see here at Scorum. Recently I often felt the need to upvote with less VP than initially planned.

What is Scorum Patronage?

The plan behind Scorum Patronage is to support and upvoye writers to help them to get their posts noticed by the Scorum community. We all have experienced how tough blogging can be, therefor it is essential to stay motivated. That's why I will visit, read and comment all posts of the "choice of the community" for the next seven days. And after that week, I'm also going to write an article where I will introduce that certain writer, what hopefully helps to shed some more light on their work

You can find this round's announcement by following this link:

Let's get back to the nominations. Every week I keep asking you the following question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a week?

This week we had two nominations, but eventually I had to reject one of them. Said nomination was for a writer who is now accused of plagiarism and of using google translate for writing his article in English.

We had the same problem last week with a different user who was also using google translate to translate his articles from Indonesian into English. Both cases showed flawed translations, especially the article of last week's nomination are also of very poor quality.

That leaves me with only ONE nominations this week, which will be automatically chosen as this week's winner.

Therefor @diogosantos it is. Congratulations!

He has joined Scorum already last summer but hasn't made it to pro status yet. He is writing a lot about football and from my guess, I would say he is from Mexico.

It seems he is posting regularly now, so it might get some articles to read and to vote for. However after a quick look through his latest posts I need to say, that his articles are very short and could really need some more information.

Hopefully my humble assistance will give him a little boost and encourage him to take on the challenge and eventually provide as with some real quality posts.

I will start upvoting him from Monday and also leave him some comment telling him that he will be assisted by Scorum Patronage this coming week. Hopefully he will be able to find some new readers for his posts and feels encouraged to provide as with some more quality posts.

Some final words...

After getting another nomination for a user who is accused of plagiarism, I could actually just repeat what I have written here last week, since it completely fits this week's situation as well.

I am wondering how many Scorum users don't really care about quality and genuine work but would rather tend to sneak in some fast and easy reward. Of course we won't be able to always notice plagiarism and even poor automatized translation, since for many of us English isn't our native language. But sometimes I have the feeling that some people here don't care at all, what kind of posts they are upvoting, I guess we are often just hope that our upvote will be returned so our own posts will get some higher reward too.

As everybody should have noticed, Scorum seems to be in some kind of stagnation. There are less active users around who produce less new articles, and a look at the SCR price chart can also be a little disillusioning. I am sure that almost everybody here on Scorum hopes for our platform to succeed, but do we really think by copying some sport articles from some other websites and jamming them through some translation tools, we will be able to attract new users who are willing to bring in their time and maybe even their money and who will devote themselves to writing some interesting and informative sport blogs?

If we happily accept to lower the quality standard here on Scorum, we will soon end up us another failed project in the crypto world.

Nothing is lost yet and I am still seeing the big chances Scorum and Betscorum might have, therefor I will stick to my commitment and to running my Scorum Patronage initiative every given week.

I will now need to carefully check and decide whether the posts I am going to upvote actually deserve the reward or whether I should lower my upvote or completely deny it. Hopefully this week's beneficiary listens to my call and comes up with some worthy articles this week.

As always I am open to your comments and suggestions. Just drop me a line or visit me in the Scorum Patronage channels which I am running on the "I am Scorum" Discord server. Stop by and and say "Hi" even if you just want to chat.

You can also find the latest announcements and the profiles of all the former beneficiaries. Feel free to join building a place were people share ideas about how to support other community member's grow and how to make the Scorum platform a huge success.

Catch all you guys soon...

Love and Respect !