Hello Scorum

I am tired. The whole online word is just getting on me. My whole day is determined by Zoom, countless emails, the Internet and social media like FB, Scorum, Steemit etc. How can man stay sane in this world? I am not saying I am not enjoying the perks the digitalization brings to us, but looking at screens for hours is just having some big impact on me. And I am afraid it is not only positive but rather sucking out all my life energy. Especially now when working from home I am glued to computers and smartphones, only having that look out of the window right onto a concrete parking lot. At least it is not raining today, it was pouring down for days recently but we got a little break in this year's rainy season. Maybe it is time to throw my laptop out of the window and start running until I can find some green escape. Nasty communication age inna di concrete jungle cyant strike me down. Me stronger than babylon, Max Power ago bun dem!



Nominations for WEEK 28

This gonna be the twenty eighth round of Scorum Patronage in 2020. I usually ask you a very simple question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a whole week?

Please nominate some Scorum users who needs some support or some initial boost. I am thinking about all those new members of our growing and creative community but also about everyone else who is having a hard time finding its place here on Scorum.