Hello Scorum, what's up?

After checking the Scorum Coin price I often discover some sparks of hope when the price shoots up 50% or even more. Unfortunately it won't take long until everything collapses and the price comes down to where it was before. What would it take to get permanently up over 2 cents again?

I am not asking for much, but as long as there are too many people selling their coins as soon as there is some little increase in the price I doubt some big positive move in the near future.

As I wrote before I am thinking long-time, and I have I tried to support the Scorum price various times, only to see it sinking down even more. The whole crypto market is still caught in a rough and tough nuclear winter and nobody can really foresee whether and when it may end. And I assume, as long as the other Alt-coins won't show a significant upward move, Scorum will be stuck deep down where it is hanging now.

We need news, positive news and some signs that the dev team is really standing behind their project. The left-over community mostly does and we are also willing to do our part.

And that's why I am here today!

Because it is Thursday and again I am out to invite all of you to come and join another nomination round of my Scorum Patronage project. Let us together choose another promising Scorum writer, which I then will accompany for a whole week and support with my upvotes.

You don't have to do much, just nominate another creative and genuine Scorum users which you have discovered recently. All you need to do is to drop their names down into the comment section. You gonna have time until Sunday when I then choose the winner of this nomination round.

My job won't be finish yet, since from there I will accompany the chosen user for a total of seven days to read their articles and to support them with my upvotes. Which will hopefully help to bring some more attention to their profiles and to encourage them to continue writing quality sport blogs.

But I will not only visit the winner's blog, but in addition give out some big votes for the person who nominates this round's winner first. Plus I will also leave some upvotes on every genuine nomination or comments. Let's see if this will eventually bring some more people onto joining the nominations.

If you want to see the last winner's announcement, please follow this link:


Nominations for WEEK 36

This gonna be the thirty sixth round of Scorum Patronage in 2019. I usualy ask you a very simple a question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a whole week?

Please nominate me some Scorum users who need some support or some initial boost. I am thinking about all those new members of our growing and creative community but also about everyone else who is having a hard time fiding its place here on Scorum.

It is not so important how many Scorum Coins or Scorum Power somebody has in its wallet, I would rather like to focus on everybody's post reward. Let's try to find those users who don't usually get payed out big, but still try to provide some interesting and creative content. I will not set any limit anymore, but rather decide case by case and have a look on the candidates whole history.

As I said on Sunday I will choose the nominee who gets the most nominations and declare him or her to our winner of the week. If there is no leader in the nominations, I will choose the candidate who has less SP in its wallet.

I will then visit the blog of our chosen one on a daily basis to read and upvote one post a day for a whole week. Depending on quality and content I might use up to 100% of my voting power, however I strictly reserve myself the right to upvote with less or even to refuse a vote, when I feel an article doesn't live up to the quality level I would like to see here on Scorum.

Hopefully my assistance will help to bring our beneficary into the spotlight and get his or her posts exposes to a bigger readership.

A few more things

  • Important is that you our candidates write in a language I understand, therfor I will consider articles written in English or German. Sorry, other languages can't be accepted.
  • And of course you can nominate the same candiate as someone before. As more nominations somebody get as more likely is the chance this user will be on top at the end.
  • The idea behing this initiative is to help writers who are not usually standing out in the spotlight and who don't get so much attention. Starting to blog here on Scorum can be challenging in the beginning and I would like to assist those who do have some trouble to get started and who could really be in need of some encouragement.

Some final words...

It is September and when I check outside it already feels we are in the mids of autumn. Just recently I tried to escape the summer heat and now I am sitting here wearing socks and long pants. Season are changing incredibly fast and I just can't comprehend where all that time went. Seconds become minutes, then hours and day and suddenly some weeks or months have passes. One year isn't long at all, and as older we get as more precious becomes every moment of our lives. Let us not spent those precious moments in a way we gonne regret soon.

Sure we all have times when we can't just sit patiently and wait for things to happen. Sometimes we need to push things into the right direction and increase momentum. Like here on Scorum, where many of us have been patient for a while, but actually we are longing to see some progress and encouraging moves. Keeping our motivation is hard these days, and of course I have been asking myself whether I am still in the right team and not sailing the wrong boat.

For some reason I do believe in what we have been doing here and I am not willing to give up on what we have built here so far. I can still see some light and hope and maybe that's simply the reason why I am still here.

This said, I am ready to receive your nominations! Don't be shy, just bring them on folks!

For questions or comments please hook me up in the comments as well. In addition you can find me in the Scorum Patronage channels which I am hosting on the I am Scorum discord channel.

I am hoping to reading from you soon!

Catch you soon...

Love and Respect !