Hello Scorum

Wow, what a roller coaster ride again. After gaining quite some momentum and leading the whole crypto market into regions which we haven't seen for ages the whole circus decided to take a break and a plunge. Minus 20 percent in two days is a little surprise but considering the recent moves nothing to worry about. Sure I was hoping to first kill the 20.000 $ and then consolidate somewhere around that level but Bitcoin is now down to 17.000$ and hopefully just recharging before climbing again. Sure another plunge down to 12.000$ is also possible but that would definitely kill the rest of momentum and get us stuck there for some time. But hey, everything is possible and I am still in for an end-of-the- year rally into completely unknown regions. So let's buckle up and enjoy the ride!!


Nominations for WEEK 48

This gonna be the fourty fifths round of Scorum Patronage in 2020. I usually ask you a very simple question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a whole week?

Please nominate some Scorum users who needs some support or some initial boost. I am thinking about all those new members of our growing and creative community but also about everyone else who is having a hard time finding its place here on Scorum.